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Thinking caps on please... Plants as puppies


For several months now we have been trying to come up with kennel names for our future litters of sheltie puppies, plant related if at all possible and its not as easy as it sounds.
It suddenly dawned on me, why not ask my knowledgeable gardening friends for a few ideas?,

Our kennel name is Fleurdemai so double F’s preferred for our puppies, as in Fleurdemai Freesia, Fleurdemai Foxglove or Fleurdemai Framboise

or, If you were being really imaginative maybe you could come up with a pet name linked in some way to a plant name
a dog with the kennel name Fleurdemai Foxglove could be called
Fleurdemai Framboise (French for raspberry, so pet name Berry)
F. Rudbeckia (Rudi)
F. Lily of the Valley (Lily)
F. Honeysuckle (Honey)
F. Black Eyed Susan (Suzy)
F. Ramblin Rector (Rose or Rosa)

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A Lovely Idea Fleur :D How about Foxtail Lily with Lily 4 short ? Or maybe Fennel with Nelly 4 short ? :) Im sure ul get many other fab ideas Jacx

30 Dec, 2009


Dogs' tooth violet (violet or Vi).
Felicia (Daisy)
Any use?

30 Dec, 2009


Thinking of my cat's name 'Blodyn'. It means 'Flower'.
So why not Fleurdemai Flower. Pet name Flo :o)

30 Dec, 2009


Two I can think of Forsythia , Thia Fritillaria , Aria

30 Dec, 2009


Floribunda rose - Rosie
Frankincense - Frankie
Faithful Fern - Faith or Fern
Fatsia japonica - Fats or Jap
Flaming bush -Flame
Floating heart - Float
French marigold - Goldie
French Lingerie (emerocallis hybrid) - Naughtie. The last ten years seem to be labelled the noughties!

30 Dec, 2009


Filipendula - Phil or Penny
Fothergilla - Gilli (hard 'G')
Francoa sonchifolia - Franky/Frankie
Fremontodendron californicum - Cally

That's me finished! :-))

30 Dec, 2009


Fleur de mai Fritillia... ..............Fritz
Fleur de mai Fleur....................Fleur
Fleur de mai Fennel................. Fenn
Fleur de mai Freesia.................Free
Fleur de mai Fern.....................Fern
Fleur de mai Fresa ..................Fresa

Love just Freya though Fdm...:o)

30 Dec, 2009


Fermontodendron - Monty
Fabiana - Anna
Fothergilla Major - Major
Felicia - Daisy
Forsythia Border Gem - Gem
Florabunda Rose - Bud or Buddy
Sorry can't think of any more at the moment !

30 Dec, 2009


Thanks for the suggestions, some great ones already, I shall add them to our list.
I love Fleurdemai Fremontodendron but I can't have it :o(
I forgot to add we are allowed a maximum of 24 letters on a kennel name,
and that would be 25...!!!

Fleurdemai Fern = 10 + 4 = 14
Fleurdemai Foxy Freesia = 10 + 4 + 7 = 21
Fleurdemai Fremontodendron = 10 + 15 = 25

How about some T's and B's as well?
Traditionally in Shelties after the affix we often use the letter corresponding to the colour of the dog
examples would be:

Fleurdemai Tillia (Tilly) Tricolor puppy - black with white and tan markings
Fleurdemai Bumble Bee (Buzz) Blue Merle puppy, I could call him Buzz :o)

31 Dec, 2009


Fleurdemai Witch Hazel (Hazel)
Fleurdemai Horse Chestnut (Conker-- just like Terratoonies' Sheltie)
Fleurdemai Hollyberry (Holly)
Fleurdemai Hypericum (Sharon or in Hypericum variety and common name Rose of Sharon)
Fleurdemai Jenifer Juniper ( Jenny...Yes, I know Jennifer should have 2 n's but trying to keep within the 24 letters)
Fleurdemai Photinia ( in Photinia Fraserii Red Robin) or
Fleurdemai Red Robin(Robin)
Feurdemai Reticulata (Iris)
Fleurdemai Salix (or F. Weeping Willow) (Willy or Will))
At least it made my brain cells excerceise a bit on new year's eve. I hope you come up with some really great names!

31 Dec, 2009


OK - how about -

Fleurdemai Betula - Betty
Fleurdemai Billbergia - Billy
Fleurdemai Buddleja - Buddy
Fleurdemai Bidens - Biddy
Fleurdemai Tamarix - Tammy
Fleurdemai Tiarella - Ella
Fleurdemai Tritonia - Tony

Any good? Please let us know which names you use! :-)))))

31 Dec, 2009


Bet you wish you had a shorter prefix now;-) But it is a very pretty kennel name:-)

10 Jan, 2010

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