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How long to wait?


I am wonder how long to wait for my Glory Lilies to come up. I started some two years ago and when I replanted them this year the squirrels eat them so I order some from India and planted them about a month and a half ago and they are still not coming up. Two of them are in a sunny location and one only gets the morning sun and afternoon shade.

So far none of them (I have six) have shown their little faces. I have researched this online and can’t seem to find the answer. Does anyone here know anything about them? I would appreciate any information I can get on these little beauties. This is my first time growing them.

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I know you are in Florida and I am in England, but I grew some last year that I purchased at Chelsea flower show and they put in an apperance within a couple of months.
This year however I have started them off really early (in the greenhouse) and like you they have not shown any sort of life as yet. I feel like tipping the pot out to see where they are. Keep your fingers crossed.

28 Apr, 2008


Good luck with these. They certainly are beautiful. LOL Treesandthings.. I would have tipped out the pot a while back :)

28 Apr, 2008


Thanks Mikec and Treesandthings... I wonder if they know something we don't know.

I'm always afraid to check roots, having damaged so many of them before. Sometimes I am not a patient gardener. I will wait a while longer.

I was rooting a fig and peach tree and check them after they bloomed and there was only one little root on each and they died after that. So I try not to check too soon but I want to see the blooms! :)


28 Apr, 2008

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