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By Fruity


I already run a blog on so I don’t want to start another one :)

For those who may wish to connect with me my gardening blog address is

Enjoying looking at everyone’s photos

I have all my gardening images on Flickr

Happy gardening and speak soon xoxox

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That shows how open this site is that prepared to allow you to advertise another site even though you dont intend to join this one.Peter and Ajay much more polite than me obviously.

19 May, 2008


We have all taken offence now that you don't want to come and join us here on GOY! (LOL) Up to you where you blog, Fruity, but I am staying put.

20 May, 2008


lol im with you spritz, quiet happy on GOY, i doubt theres a friendlier gardening site anywhere else.

20 May, 2008


Oh that's not fair, I have joined this website and I have contributed and plan on carrying on doing so. I was simply stating that I already blog and do not wish to write double - wouldn't make sense for me to do so and more time consuming - I placed this blog entry here so that those who wanted to keep up with me could do so. Please don't take offence that was not the intention ;)

How to make friends and influence people!

20 May, 2008


I agree completely with Bonkers, Spritz and Irish. Sounds to me like the damage was done when you wrote your advertisement blog Fruity. Too bad we don't have a delete button where we can delete blogs that we have written.

21 May, 2008


What's the matter with trying to save a few keystrokes?...goY is on facebook (flickr)...what's the difficulty?
I also have a blogger(Google) blogspot...for a specific purpose related to blogs I've posted on goY. Some members actually have their own sites... not just a blog spot. this member was forthright ... I'm not offended.

21 May, 2008


Agree with what you like! I was not advertising anything, I thought this was a gardening forum, you know where we share gardening stuff etc????

Sounds to me like you are all in a gang and enjoy beating up new members, well go for your life cos this one has wide shoulders, do your worst!

I have never joined a forum before where people are so mean to others and you said GOY was the friendliest gardening site on the net, not really showing that are you.

I am sure there are other members here that run blogger blogs, what was the crime here, you want me to blog here instead of blogger when I have been doing that for months?

I wouldn't want to delete it - I don't see what I did as wrong. If you are that upset then just don't talk to me - for goodness sakes!

Nice to meet you anyway and thanks for the words of great encouragement, makes me want to stay :D

21 May, 2008


Thanks for the different perspective Lori.Always good in any debate having reflected on your points still feel Fruity was misguided.You state that goy available on other sites then why did Fruity not post original blog here? Yes others have various sites but seems to break etiquette of this site to re - direct members.Fruity claims to be an active member but this his/her first blog and to introduce youself by saying dont want to write here look elsewhere is not going to impress many members.

21 May, 2008


Hola Lori

Thanks for support, nice to have a friend when the rest are trying to kick you down :)

Hope you are having a good day and speak soon hun

21 May, 2008


I didn't start my blog on this website because I only found it yesterday and I have been writing on blogs for years!!!!!

I am female, I live in Spain and yes I really do have a garden - I get the message OK, you don't care for me much - fine - but please stop battering me on this blog post, give it a rest already - blimey!

21 May, 2008


Oh yeah, I wasn't trying to re-direct anyone, simply telling you I have a blog and if you want to know about me then all my details are there, I am a member of many forums and websites and it is nice to have all your details in one place and keep it there, not my fault that I didn't discover GOY until the other day now is it, that is why i didn't start my original blog here, I didn't know about GOY then, you can hardly have a go at me for that - completely unreasonable and unfair.

If I was a spammer do you really think I would have my details anywhere at all, I feel an active member considering I have answered some question to the best of my ability, after the response yesterday I have decided to add photos here as well as Flickr so I don't upset you even more, if that is possible!

21 May, 2008


Come on everybody!! don,t let have a domestic,

21 May, 2008


i think maybe we are all just protective of GOY, thats how much we love this site fruity. we really are a nice friendly bunch of folk. i just read your blog and it was nice to read about where you live and your garden.

21 May, 2008


If you really want to join in, then welcome to GOY, Fruity! We really are a very friendly lot, as you will find if you do stay with us! Honest! Hand on heart!

21 May, 2008


O MY Such a Bad start Poor Fruity & Goy Members 2 ? how ever did it come to all this? :( I feel for u all as u seem so upset at such a Silly Little Thing! As we all luv Gardening ect lets Live & let Live & Enjoy what sites make us happy :D XXX

21 May, 2008


Oh dear Oh dear, well i must admit that when i first read this blog i was a bit "taken aback" that someone would write that they weren't going to write blogs!
I thought "why say that" just don't bother. I can understand if you write elsewhere, not wanting to write twice. You could copy and paste blogs to save writing them twice, if you wanted to put the same blog in two places (i've done that in the past).
Just wanted to say that all Growsonyou members are really friendly, this is the first time i've ever seen comments that could be seen as anything other than friendly - but i think it's only because we all think very highly of the growsonyou site.
Hope you stay and discover just how friendly and helpful GOY is, welcome - and best wishes from Mark.

22 May, 2008

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