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*It's getting Chilly*


Ooooooo… It’s getting Chilly in the garden ! (and in the house!)
The weather doesn’t stop me from doing, what’s needed to be done out there ; Infact, i’ve just came in, from the garden, a few minutes ago, to have a chat with the kids and help my 8 year old son, with his spelling homework.

Last week, whilst the sun was shining, i planted some Winter / Spring bulbs, into some empty beds ; I only started gardening, last year and to be honest, i never thought, that i would ever use bulbs in my garden, as i’m a great lover, of using ONLY Evergreen plants / shrubs ; With Evergreen plants, the garden ALWAYS looks alive, with colour.

I planted my very first bulbs and i’m already rewarded ; The tips of my Crocus ‘Saffron’ are showing themselves to me and i’m so very chuffed!

My cat keeps digging up my Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ bulbs… so to discourage her, i’ve planted a number of small broken canes around my bulbs and sprinkled a garlic/pepper cat detterent…. and strung some fine fishing line across the area too!
Considering i have PRIKKA strips, along the top of all my fences, i still have my cat and the neighbourhood felines, using MY GARDEN !!!! as their LOO !!! Sooooo… they have either learnt to fly over the fences, or they don’t care too much about the prickles and prefer my garden, to those of my neighbours !!!!

As for SLUGS and SNAILS… A moan for another day i think LOL

Happy Gardening Peeps.

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Yes, it certainly is getting chilly. I do believe it's really cold for early October. It seems like it's a good month further ahead than it should be this year.
I still haven't planted bulbs . Better get a move on I think.
All the best, Hywel.

3 Oct, 2008


I've been planting bulbs too. Still another 100 to go in. I get so excited in early Spring to see the shoots coming up. If we are not covered in too much snow we should see some shoots in February. Spring bulbs are definitely worth it.

3 Oct, 2008

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