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By Gee19


In spite of the weather forecast I trycled on my Trusty Trike (the T’s are still doing OK, TerraToonie!!) to the garden centre this morning and luckily missed all the rain. Wind was a problem on the outward trip (not mine, the weather!) but easier coming back. It’s only about a mile each way. The journey was very uneventful. I enjoy using the trike but it is not as stable as you would imagine. Road cambers are the problem and once, while out with my daughter on a 10 mile round trip, I overturned the trike and ended up in a ditch! Apart from being stung by the nettles I survived intact. My daughter nearly died laughing and was no help at all. The longest trip I have made on the trike is 20 miles, down to see my eldest daughter and back again, accompanied by youngest daughter and 2 grandchildren (all of them on 2 wheels).

I bought 3 plants this morning…..

and will enter them on my plant list later. One had 50% off and my OAP card gave me a further 10% of the overall price. Well worth making the trip. These plants are all for the back garden when I do a bit of shifting about! I was hoping to buy a cheap Smoke Bush but there were none available. Maybe next year.

Came home to find that I had left my dining room door open and Little ‘Un was busy exploring the kitchen. Fortunately he hadn’t found Chloe’s food bowl. I gave him his bath, very necessary to keep all his innards working well. He seems to enjoy it too. Will add photo later.

This is a lovely site – so friendly and informative and lots of good humour. Thanks to everyone who has responded..

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Gee19 ~
Another entertaining blog.

I see you're lying about your age again with that forged OAP card. The garden centre has now been alerted to look out for thirty somethings like you, on tricycles, impersonating senior citizens....

Delighted to know your 'T' s aren't worn out !

Warning ~ on this friendly site you could be in danger of 'L' overdose. This blog has hints of your condition:

longest trip
Little 'Un
Lovely site
Lots of good humour...

A good thing your trike doesn't need L plates...
or does it ? :o)

7 Oct, 2008


What the L!! I think perhaps I should have L plates on the trike or perhaps they would be better stuck to me!!

7 Oct, 2008


brilliant blog Gee, fraid i was like your daughter and did have a wee chuckle lol. looks like you got some good bargains this morning

7 Oct, 2008


Wow 20 miles Gee19 :O iv not riden a Bike that far since i was 17 ! The plants look fab &i love your Story 2,The Wind bit made me Chuckle :) lol

7 Oct, 2008


I absolutely approve of any Garden Centres that give us OAPs 10% off! Shame it isn't every day, though, isn't it! How clever of you to find a bargain one and then get more discount! Well done... I'm proud of you.

7 Oct, 2008


Well it made me laugh aswell - the wind bit and the ditch bit. It reminded me of when my friend and I went picking blackberries and she fell into a ditch, I couldn't help her out because I was laughing too much. And she couldn't climb out of the ditch because she was laughing too much aswell.
I enjoyed this blog. It's good to have a laugh. !
I'm glad you found some bargains too.
All the best, Hywel.

7 Oct, 2008


Mind how you go Gee. Nettles are great for the compost heap, hope you bought some home.

8 Oct, 2008

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