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A little bit behind!


By Gee19


I have popped on from time to time, using my tablet, so I know what you’ve all been up to! I just don’t find it as easy to use as my laptop. I wonder if anyone else has had major problems with Windows 10?

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Love it! What did you use for the water? I like your muddle, its very pretty!
We were so put off by reports of Windows 10 here that we have gone onto Linux, which is not at all complicated or bossy. And its free. The only drawback is that Photoshop doesn't run on it.

17 Oct, 2015


All looking good! Have you been sneaking a look at my teatime garden? I've not managed to get liquid to flow from my teapot yet, so you're doing better than me. I've not moved on from Windows 7 as far as my old laptop is concerned and I tend to use my tablet more these days, much easier.

17 Oct, 2015


Sorry you have had problems with your computer, they are great while they behave, and so frustrating when they play up. Your garden is looking lovely, the water feature is fun - constant running tea time! :o)

17 Oct, 2015


Love your new water feature...... great fun!! Some very pretty photos of your garden, but then it always looks goodâ˜ș?
You are not alone with your problems with Windows 10 my computer savvy neighbour (aged 88 ish) has just paid someone to remove it!! drove him mad, a complete nightmare apparently!! a new system is always difficult, it is best to wait a while until all the glitches have been ironed out!.............not that I take any notice of my own advice!! have just installed the latest operating system on my Mac, which keeps freezing now lol still makes life more challenging!!

18 Oct, 2015


Oh my thats a lot of water on your lawn Gee, hope it didn't stay like that for long, your teapot and cup arrangement is so cool, I can picture the passersby slowing down for a proper look, lol, your mingle/muddle is looking good, I have the same here and its been a godsend for me over the past few months and is still very colourful even now, hardly any weeds as hardly any room for them.
Very nice pots and a definite bargain, your son-in-law is good to you, ideal for the Fatsia, in no doubt you'll soon fill the other one up as well.
We changed to Windows10 here and although persevering there are many issues still to solve and if laptop is having an off day I very often say I am going to uninstall it, depends a lot on my mood, I have had a Samsung Tablet for nearly two years now but never have managed to use it for Goy, it usually only gets used as a reader, in fact I wish I'd just bought a Kindle Reader in the first place , might surprise myself one day though and read up on the PDF File....

18 Oct, 2015


We have Vista(the PC is a few years old now) but, we keep getting problems with that, it's a nightmare.I sometimes think the problems come from all the blasted updates that keep running! But, I can't use the PC much anyway because it makes me ill. I find it so much more convenient to use the iPad but. I guess it's what u get used to.
Your garden looks lovely and colourful, Gee, and the teapot and cups are great!!

18 Oct, 2015


Thank you, all :) The 'water' is just a bit of clear plastic tubing, Steragram. I was inspired by your tea party set up, Waddy, but I couldn't risk using china in my garden.

The laptop is behaving itself at the moment although there are still a few glitches (like the screen either enlarging suddenly or minimising itself), very frustrating.

I do use my tablet for various things, some silly games and doing searches on ebay and google but really prefer to type rather than pick with one finger! Old habits die hard, I suppose.

I'm saving my GC vouchers to buy something special for the spare large pot, Lincslass, just don't know what. I'd like something evergreen with flowers that won't outgrow it. Any ideas?

19 Oct, 2015


Love the T- pot water feature, could you get it to be recirculating so you don't get the flood?
I'd be happy to have a muddle like yours in my garden, I think it looks very pretty.
As for the pc, I gave up with Windows & constant updates & bossiness & went for a Mac instead, I'm very happy with it.

Dd, my Mac is using OS X Yosemite & as I'm happy I probably won't update to El Capitan unless there's a good reason to.

Stera, you can get Gimp a free alternative from
I wasn't willing to buy Photoshop.

20 Oct, 2015


I bought two largish pots two weeks back with xmas voucher I had received last year, like you I always use my vouchers for something special that under normal sojourns to the gc's the price would probably put me off, I have both on the patio, one has a Pieris in and the other a Skimmia...

20 Oct, 2015


Sorry, Greenfinger, I must apologise for my odd sense of humour - there is no water involved in the teapot/mug set up. The flooding was caused by very heavy rain over a couple of days. It did disappear quite quickly, thank goodness.

Lincslass, I did wonder about a Pieris or one of the smaller heavenly bamboos. We're going up to Suffolk for a weekend soon so I will do some searching up there :)

20 Oct, 2015


Ha ha, Gee, it had me fooled, I still think it's a great idea.

On the pot ideas, I put lime haters in mine as I can't plant them in my garden soil, such as camelia, halesia, azalea, acer etc Your choice really depends on position, sunny, shady, sheltered etc

20 Oct, 2015


Glad your up and running again Gee.... love the teapot and cups.... great idea.... I havnt been on since July..

21 Oct, 2015


It's six mo this since I was on here ? haven't done much to the garden this year, health not been good have now got a man who co Es and does the heavy work and the weeding for me, trouble is he's not too good on plants and chucked out my Geums that had only been in a few months! Told him to ask me in future!
Love the teapot might pinch that idea!

22 Oct, 2015


GF I've got Gimp but haven't managed to get on with it. There's no alphabetical index for a start, and you can only see one picture at a time instead of two side by side which makes comparing difficult. Must confess I haven't really had the heart to have a good go at it. I did really enjoy playing with Photoshop and this is so different. I mourn the passing of paper manuals...

22 Oct, 2015


Stera, I agree with you about manuals, I use the help pages a lot to get to grips with Gimp.I was able to get 2 images up on screen when I wanted to move one thing onto the other.
I did have Photoshop a long time ago but found it too complex, maybe I didn't have the time or patience then though.

22 Oct, 2015


Green Finger Gimp does take some getting used to......I run Fotor...and Aviary and Pixlr on my mobile, which are very easy to use, and great fun!?????
El Captain is more about tweeks under the hood! so they say, just had to ditch magic mouse!!... magic it was not!! might have looked good gone back to wired Logitech, backwards step aesthetically, but at least it works lol
Sorry Gee to bore you with Mac news...
I use a tablet a Google Nexus 10 unfortunately a lot of bloat ware which refuses to uninstall! but a great tablet, when I can get my OH off it, does his crosswords etc......It is easier than the PC once you get used to them, I do like the predicted text??as long as you check the end result!! lol

23 Oct, 2015


Dd, I ditched my magic mouse as well, it is so sensitive that pages kept shrinking & zooming & flying off at the slightest touch - back with a wired one now.
Think I'll have a look at Fotor based on your recommendation too.
Bought a Google Nexus for my OH & no chance of me using it as he's always got it, lol, agree it is a great tablet tho.

Apologies to Gee, for going off topic :)

23 Oct, 2015


GF I only had Photoshop Elements, which I think is a lot simpler than the full version. You have encouraged me to have another go at GIMP using Help, especially if you managed to get two pics side by side - can you remember how you did it?

23 Oct, 2015


Stera, will send you a pm.

23 Oct, 2015


Not boring at all, some interesting suggestions there. I am looking for a photo editing programme as I don't like the new Windows version.

Nice to see you again, Holly and SK. Sounds like your man needs watching around the plants, SK - how about some large labels :)

29 Oct, 2015

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