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Kaffir Lily

Added on 25 Sep, 2008 | 1 photo

Genus: Schizostylis.
Species: Schizostylis coccinea.

This was a freebie from a friend - the best kind of plants!



Added on 26 Mar, 2009 | 2 photos

Genus: Skimmia.
Species: Skimmia japonica.


Sorbaria Sem

Added on 21 Jan, 2010 | 4 photos

Genus: Sorbaria.
Species: Sorbaria sorbifolia.

Purchased Jan 2010


Sorbus 'Autumn Spire'

Added on 4 Dec, 2009 | 3 photos

Genus: Sorbus.
Species: Sorbus aucuparia.

Bought online from Whispering Trees, Norfolk - November 2009. Bare rooted



Added on 22 Sep, 2008 | 1 photo

Genus: Verbena.
Species: Verbena bonariensis.

Arrived unannounced in my front garden and has now spread everywhere. I love the way it grows through other plan...