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Need More Time!


By Gillian


I have been feeling guilty that I haven’t had time to sit and go through everyone’s wonderful pictures recently, I’m hoping it might rain one day to force me to stay indoors!
In between gardening, housekeeping (yeah, right! Unfortunately there are certain important things to keep up with like laundry, cooking and basic cleaning, With a household of six it’s never ending), work (sold one of my rocks there the other day, need time to paint more rocks too!), running the children’s programme at church and driving people to places, time seems to go too fast.

I (stupidly?!) decided there needed to be more flower beds in the garden. First project was to join the two at the back of the garden into one larger bed.
I think it works better, just didn’t do it all the first time I dug them as it looked a little daunting to dig out a large bed all at once.

Next project was at the side of the garden where the fence is a little wonky looking. Still got to do something about the bit behind the magnolia where the big gap is under the fence, but I do enjoy having the neighbour’s dog stick his head under there to watch what I’m doing. He’s a big friendly yellow lab and good company!
So, the two beds I have down the side now are to cover the base of the fences. You can see from the bed that doesn’t have the new soil in yet that it wasn’t very pretty.! This area has slightly more shade than most of the rest of the garden, also more moisture, so I’m thinking of moving the astilbes I brought with me from the other house from the corner bed where it really isn’t growing much, over to this one.

The other bed has some soil and plants that I transplanted from other parts of the garden. I actually split the hosta I bought on sale the other day and used half here and half in the corner bed, also split the sunset echinacea that I bought recently to do the same with.
Apart from bed digging I’m trying to dig up the many thistles etc. on the lawn. I don’t think it has ever been cared about so there are many of them – a donkey would be handy! The rabbit likes the clover and dandelions but won’t tough the thistles (not suprising) so I have lots to pull up.
Then there are all the weeds to keep up with on the patio and path……aaargh!
So, if I haven’t got to your photos recently, that is basically why, and if it ever rains again I have every intention of having a day catching up with everyone’s pictures!
Now, I really should get outside and do some watering while it’s still early and maybe get some soil into that new bed before I go to work!

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Sounds like your days are very full. I can understand your problem as I'm sure can others, got so many projects going that I can't get everything done at once. Our interests do seem to jib a lot, I also like bird watching, baking etc. my talents however don't seem to extend very far in painting, I wish they did!

16 Jul, 2008


Do you, like me, go to work for a rest, hehe! You've got some good planting ideas going there.

16 Jul, 2008


Retirement is the answer! Then you can indulge yourself by being in the garden as and when you can/want to! Haha - I don't have to go to work any more!

16 Jul, 2008


Must admit, I do like work too, making gift baskets for people can be fun, but I'm usually also planning what I'll be doing on my days off!

16 Jul, 2008


I do spend a lot of time at work planning gardening jobs, and we seem to spend a lot of time talking about gardening, too. Retirement, Spritz, is like my dream of an entire garden under glass/polypropylene - it'll never happen!

16 Jul, 2008

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