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By Gillian


I was disturbed to read this morning that Wellies are apparently one of the five style trends that have to go, according to Sam Stilson who writes for
The other four were emo hair, venetian blind sunglasses, skinny jeans and nerd chic. It bothers me that wellies should be included with these four! Anyway, this is what he said.

“This trend is gaining steam, a fact that is gravely disturbing. It is mainly females who wear these galoshes around. They’ve got them decked out in crazy patterns of plaid and bright colours. Women, being women, are granted a little leeway when it comes to fashion, but men who choose to wear wellies around need a wake-up call. Have some respect for yourself. You’re not Paddington Bear, nor Christopher Robin, so wear some grownup, or at least young adult, footwear.
Galoshes are for children (and perhaps farmers) because they are cheap, simple and nearly impossible to ruin. But then again, these three reasons are exactly why struggling artists and minimum wage philosohers are trying to make them cool today.”


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Emo hair ?
High maintenance. Not surprising it's going out of style.
Venetian blind sunglasses ?
This year's wet British summer meant an alarming drop in sales.
Skinny jeans ?
Well, lots of folk are putting on weight.

Nerd chic ?
Not a good look for keeping friends.

But Wellies ?
They've been around a lot longer than Sam Stilson
(isn't that a type of stinky cheese?).

And Wellies will be in vogue when Sam and his Stilton are no longer the flavour of the month. :o)

GoY members alone, will guarantee good sales of Wellies - especially with intense training over the next four years leading up to 2012. I've worn out quite a few pairs just travelling up and down Cow Watering Lane to our Secret Training HQ.

I think has been invaded by the FlowerPot People and the Fancy Dress Gnomes. There can be no other explanation.....

3 Oct, 2008


The man hasn't got a clue-definitely water on the brain!
I wish to report that I have purchased a nice pair of black knee length ones as my current Muck Boots only go to mid calf and I have had wet feet on occasion!
However they are really stiff so apologies for the weird walk until i get them run in.! being rubber....

3 Oct, 2008


Arlene ~
I guess your Muck Boots photo is soon to be revealed? :o)

3 Oct, 2008


Well I think at the very next opportunity I shall buy myself a brand new pair of wellies. !!

3 Oct, 2008


Hywel ~
That sounds a great idea. :o)

3 Oct, 2008


lol - see I'm a bit defiant I think.
Don't tell me not to do something or I will probably do just that thing.
A bit childish maybe, but I like to make my own decisions.

3 Oct, 2008


Made me want a new pair! I'm annoyed that there was no mention of gardeners using wellies, just farmers.

3 Oct, 2008


In Britain, during this wet summer, almost everyone needed Wellies, whatever their hobby. I've just been reading the report on September's Darlington Championship Dog Show.

Photos of acres of wet, churned-up show-rings, and a picture of the Show Manager with his two young sons, all wearing wellies and knee deep in mud. It says one of the boys had to be rescued when his foot became well and truly stuck in the mud. His only means of release was by lifting him by his wellies. He came to no harm and thought it was great fun.

So, Sam Stilton, in the U. K, our wellies are essential for survival. :o)

4 Oct, 2008


Give me a good pair of wellies any day and the more crazy colourful patterns on them the better for me because lets face it it's not that easy to do any kind of gardening work in high heels..... although I must admit high heels are pretty good for aerating the lawn! ;o)

5 Oct, 2008


Helofadigger ~
Now I know why you have that name....
You're for ever digging holes with your high heels! ;o)

Are there any pictures on GoY of your high heels or colourful wellies?
I collect these for my favourite photos. :o)

In the GoY Wellie Olympics you could fool the opposition by competing wearing a pair of stilettos. We don't yet have an athlete for the lawn aerating event. Would be pleased to welcome you. :o) xxx

and 3 for Bob xxx

P.S. Would he form a GoY team for the Bobsleigh?
Maybe with two strong sons pushing from behind?

5 Oct, 2008


I had a pair of tuf wellies but could not kick them off without using my hands so cut them down to shoe size, I will post them on GOY.

8 Oct, 2008


Ams ~
customized boots - now there's an innovation.
Sounds like an ideal pic. for my footwear collection.
Are you wearing these for the GoY Wellie Olympics? :o)

8 Oct, 2008


No TT, remember I'll be wearing my open toe sling back Wellies for that. Apparently 2" heels are great for exercising a woman's pelvic floor so I will look for 2" heel wellies.

8 Oct, 2008


Wow Ams ~
Just for a moment there I thought you were doubling up -
going for gold in two separate sports.
With your floor shaping up so well, it seems a pity not to enter you in more events. :o)

8 Oct, 2008


hi all i love my wellies is that not sad 0oooooooo

13 Oct, 2008


Hi Mary ~
If you love Wellies, you're welcome to join the GoY Wellie Olympics team on my blog. :o)

14 Oct, 2008


I need to renew my wellies.

17 Oct, 2008


Me too! I just have a boring old black pair!

17 Oct, 2008


The approach of winter has understandably sparked new interest in wellies. Anyone wanting to volunteer for new Wellie sports on my GoY Olympics blog, you're more than welcome. It's important we keep up enthusiasm during the colder weather and find new ways to train and keep fit. All suggestions welcome.

Scotkat ~
Did you see on my Olympics blog that Andrewr thinks we need something to pull the wool over the eyes of the competition?
I recommended your neck-warmers. Mary is already knitting the shorts and the flags. :o)

17 Oct, 2008


You can all RELAX now and get back to your gardening. Sam Stilson is by NO means any sort of authority on fashion (Come to think of it, is he actually an authority on ANYTHING? Probably not.). Reality check: he's an absolute NOBODY, talent-free, fifth-rate hack working for peanuts for a superficial piece-o'-crap website called "" (which is itself the dispenser of dangerous and useless advice and misinformation on many other fronts - most notably to the Sympatico web portal - which is itself a waste of time full of useless celebrity crapola). Mr. Stilson clearly has absolutely no idea of the history of the Wellington boot, nor does he have the first clue as to what the über-fashionable "Sloane Ranger" is - nor how central to the Sloane Ranger wardrobe a good pair of Wellies really is. If you find yourself taking any advice from Sam Stilson even remotely seriously, you have far greater problems than your boot of choice ;-)

15 Apr, 2009


Wellies going out of fashion! Say it isn't true! I abosolutely love wellies and have an obsession with pink so I currently have 3 pairs of pink wellington boots. One of them is a wedge welly (seen on this page which I must admit haven’t been as popular as I thought. I often wear my wellies at festivals and rarely see and wedge styles. Surly wellies will be around forever. I did see a lot of skinny jeans today so perhaps Sam Stilson opinions don’t hold that much weight… well I hope so

29 Mar, 2010

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