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By Gillian


Anybody in Canada interested in exchanging seed? I will post a list later of what I can share and maybe we can all try a few different plants next year.

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I have a lot of :-
~Sweet Peas 'Royal Family'
~Red Gaillardia
~Marigold 'Disco Orange'
~Yellow Gerbera
~Morning Glory (D.Purple, not sure of variety)
~Ligularia 'Othello'
And lesser quantities of many of the other plants in my garden. Take a look at my garden plant list and if there is anything you want to try, let me know and I'll see if I have seed for it.

30 Dec, 2008


Hi Gillian ~
Please do you know the rules regarding seeds being sent 'across the pond ' ?
I'm aware of members in UK who have mailed packets of seeds to USA.
If you know any laws, please let me know.
Thanks. TT

30 Dec, 2008


I'm trying to find out for sure but as far as I know it isn't permitted. If anyone knows please tell me!

30 Dec, 2008


That's what I thought. Not permitted.
Then I saw comments where members were definitely sending seeds to USA. About a month ago, I sent a long list of suggestions to Peter and Ajay. On the list, I mentioned this query about overseas seeds. Not heard back on that one yet, but they've had a lot to deal with lately, with the GoY changes.

My "Question no. 6" to them. I'll message P & A again, and let you know what response I get. :o)

30 Dec, 2008


We are not going to encourage any cross border seed sending as every country has their own rules. Gillian, within Canada I think you should be ok. We seem to be getting a few more Canadian visitors now too :)

30 Dec, 2008


Thanks, Ajay ~
And for privately answering my 'contact us' question so promptly.
Yes, there seem to be lots of new GoY members "across the pond" ~
That's good. :o)

30 Dec, 2008


Even if we can't share the seed the photos are lovely to look at, thanks Gillian - a little ray of summer.

30 Dec, 2008


Thanks all for your input, confirms what I thought re.seed and plants being mailed. There is a lot of concern about accidental transferrence of disease between countries so that is the main reason it can't be done.
However, anybody within Canada that is interested in doing some exchanging I would love to hear from you!

31 Dec, 2008


To be honest Gillian, officially I don't think you are really allowed to send seeds across the pond or into the US. However, that said, I have bought seeds off ebay from both the US and the UK and have had no problem with them coming through customs. One of the packages was even labelled "seeds" from the UK. Now if it was live plant material there are a lot more hoops to jump through with phytosanitary certificates to get etc.
I would be interested in exchanging seeds but I'm not sure exactly what I've got at the moment. I know I have Scarlet Flax, Cosmos, Snapdragon, Chinese Larkspur and Calendula but I'm not sure what else. I gave a bunch of seed to my friend last fall so I may have cleaned myself out. LOL.

3 Jan, 2009


Forgot to say that your Morning Glory is a beautiful colour.

3 Jan, 2009


Check out if you have anything left Gilli and we'll see what we can exchange.

3 Jan, 2009


Right then. This is my seed list -
~ Sweet pea 'Royal Family'
~ Red gaillardia
~ Marigold 'Disco Orange"
~ Yellow Gerbera
~ Ligularia 'Othello'
~ Morning glory, dark purple (var.unknown)
~ African daisies - yellow
- pale yellow (limited amount)
- orange (limited amount)
~ Nigella (limited amount)
~ Delphinium 'Black Knight'
~ Foxglove (not sure which colour!)
~ echinacea
~ Phacelia tansy
~ Flax - sky blue
~ Echinops ritro (globe thistle)
~ Gaillardia 'Fanfare'
~ Echinacea 'Sunset'
~ Mxd.cleome
~ Fennel
~ Annual poppies, red and pink
~ Purple fountain grass

Any interested Canadians please contact me!

13 Jan, 2009


I'm sending you an email, Gillian........ :o)

13 Jan, 2009


Got your email Gilli, will be taking a look later after shovelling and driving people places.
I'm still off work at the moment while the store is being renovated so have more free time currently.

14 Jan, 2009


Some really pretty flowers there. I hope your seed swap goes well and you both grow some really pretty plants :o)
Good idea, Gillian :o)

14 Jan, 2009


Should be fun!
Thought I had a better picture of the snapdragon Gilli but I could only find this one. The flowers are a really deep red and the leaves are darker than the regular colour, but hard to tall from this picture.

14 Jan, 2009


So Gilli and I have exchanged seeds and are eagerly awaiting them now. Anyone else in Canada interested?

19 Jan, 2009

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