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'Let's just buy it!'


….My husband said as we stood in the gorgeous woodland garden of the house we now live in. We did just buy it! 9 months on and this afternoon I am watching my Gunnera struggle to hold on to its ‘chocolate sauce’ bank as the rain stuffed stream which flows through the garden powers its way down to the river. I haven’t been able to garden for days and it has ‘thrashed down’ with rain constantly, day and night, every minute – ‘the sort of rain that really gets you wet’ as Peter Kay says!
Every now and then I’ve been in and out wearing two raincoats at a time (to reduce the chance of a bone-drenching soaking) just to admire other peoples plants floating by ….. I hope someone down stream says ‘Ooooo … a Gunnera, that’s nice!’

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How sad to watch your plants floating away. Hopefully the rain will end soon! Beautiful area.

9 Jul, 2008


Oh Gloriosa - how well I know that feeling! Exactly 6 weeks ago, our stream flooded and washed away two of the plants I had on the stream bank - an Astilbe and a Primula vialii. A friend in the village rescued the Primula which 'beached' half a mile away, but the Astilbe went for a LOOOONG swim - probably into the Bristol Channel! Today I've been anxiously watching the level rising and hoping that the plants have their roots well into the bank. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. WHEN are we going to get some good weather?

9 Jul, 2008


Just to say we are thinking of you and send our best wishes. Rain...... please stop!

9 Jul, 2008


Is there such a thing as a no more rain dance? maybe you need one! But seriously you have a lot of sympathy from people all over the world, it seems like weather has been horribly extreme recently.

9 Jul, 2008

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