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Holiday Weekend Project - A Minor Garden Makeover


Tuesday is our Canada Day holiday, and I was quite lucky to get an extra day off this Monday, making it a rare two days in a row for me. The front garden has been in need of attention for a while (actually, the entire yard – eeek!) so I figured one day to toil & one day to ache might just work. Hmmm… probably will need more time to ache… oh well! Time to tackle the problem…

That bed is looking quite overgrown this year. Yet I have all this yard space – let’s take a look.

Well I could extend the bed – and then it would hold more plants- even more bulbs. Now if I just stopped buying plants I could probably afford proper things, like stone for my shabby driveway… but what fun is that? If I were a practical person – oh let’s just not go there!

The iris & daylilies have really taken over! They are so large for this bed – where did my poor rock go? Ok, let’s get the spade….

Several hours later, after many grunts and groans, a few mumbled ‘bad’ words and a couple of showers to cool down and clean up, there is an extension to the ‘rock’ garden for all the iris & daylilies, the sidewalks are edged, the front borders are all edged and weeded, and a few new plants have been set in. Two faithful robins stayed with me all afternoon as I dug. They were quite happy to have me suppling them with grubs and a few plump worms!

A little more to water & weed, but it looks better.

There’s the rock again! Now there is room for all the hidden plants to grow & hopefully thrive. Of course everything is looking a bit limp (me too!) from being moved around. Who knows how many bulbs got shifted… a good excuse to add more this fall!

Nothing fancy but it looks a bit tidier – it’s home sweet home to me. The grass still needs cutting and there is just time before the rain starts! Then a nice hot soak and some Advil for my aching muscles. Happy Canada Day to you Canadians out there! Happy Fouth of July to the American members! And Happy Gardening to everyone!

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You have a beautiful house Grammazoo, and I like all the windows in the front. Do you have lots of plants in that room ? It must be nice and light in there.
Your newly revamped border looks better now aswell after all the work you put into it : )

1 Jul, 2008


My goodness! I felt tired after reading all that you did, Grammazoo! Well done - you must have a great sense of achievement. Yes, it's looking good - Hope the bulbs survived!!!!

1 Jul, 2008


well done, all that hard work has paid off, it looks brilliant

1 Jul, 2008


Thank-you everyone! I feel better knowing that one chore at least is out of the way! Blodyn - the front porch houses my plants from April to October, then it is back inside as the porch is neither insulated nor heated, but I love it in the warm months & so do all my wee green babies, lol!

1 Jul, 2008


Very nice! I'd say you were a very busy lady...and it paid off nicely. How invigorating these "minor" projects are. My husband is of the opinion once it's planted it's He just hasn't quite gotten it yet! Oh yes, happy holidays to one and all!

1 Jul, 2008


Happy Canada day and to those in US happy 4th July - not sure a Brit should say that as it was us you got Independence from , is that treason?Anyway nice work GZ doesnt have to be fancy to be a nice home - oh Canadian robins like US variety?

1 Jul, 2008


Yes Bonkers, they are the same variety - as it is milder here in southern Ontario they occasionally winter here, but most go 'south' to the warmer climates and return in spring.

1 Jul, 2008


Looks lovely Grammazoo all that hard work was worth it

1 Jul, 2008


Happy Canada Day greetings from the east coast. We had sun as well!!!

2 Jul, 2008


Thanks everyone!

6 Jul, 2008


I am determined to make my garden eco friendly and encourage sustainable development…but I’m struggling to even get borders created as I lack additional funds and the physical strength to complete it all. I would most love for my three boys to grow their own fruit and vegetables as I did when I was young. If you ever consider the small garden makeover for a family, then I would be extremely grateful for any help you can provide.

27 Apr, 2010

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