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Wellabout 4 & some years ago , we had a cute little house in a small village at the lake, our property was about a city lot. This is where I started to enjoy gardening, The house as well as the yard, were fixer up-ers, I believe we did an awesome job, sorry no pics available. Then as our family grew, we needed to find something a bit bigger, so we found a big house on an areage.The house was great, it came loaded with misc juvinille evergreens outlining the property, only 2 bushes near the house. I had 0 insight, as to what I wanted, but I knew I wouldn't be happy without some flowers around the yard, so a new quest started.I have transformed all sides of the house that were previoulsy washed rock.Everything takes time & money, so each year, I add something new, continue creating gardens, or simply re-arrange. We have added a windbreak, by adding a v shapedfence, so that I also could add flower gardens closer to the house, also giving me "a yard", instead of looking out to an open space of just green. Gardening is my passion & I am very excited to start the 2008 season, ok, well as soon as we lose the snow!

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