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Stunning Display


By Janette


To-day while working in the garden I witnessed a wonderful display of aerobatics was it the Red Arrows no Red Kites.I felt like they were putting on a display only for me ,it was a wonderful sight up they soared swooping and swaying they were showing who rules the skys around here .It was over to soon of they fly to where they came from but I hope they will be back tomorrow .It pays to look up now and again you never know what you might see.

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They are such handsome birds and remarkable to watch. Oddly enough my partner has just come back from filming them with his new camcorder.
I had never seem one in the wild before they were reintroduced locally back in 1989. The reintroduction has been so successful that they are now one of the most frequently seem birds hereabouts (the Chiltern Hills between Stokenchurch and Wendover). On one occasion we counted 16 in the air at the same time. We have a favourite stile on our dog walking route where we pause to look across the valley behind the Horse Trust at Speen and watch the red kites. We are rarely disappointed.

6 Mar, 2008


Wonderful! We get Buzzards here, almost always in pairs but last week I saw three together. They make a kind of 'mewing' sound and wheel about in the sky, gliding mostly..

6 Mar, 2008


Hi Spritzhenry It was a wonderful sight to see We often see them in pairs I think we are lucky to live in these lovely birds flight path I would love to see Buzzards I bet they are a treat to watch as well Nature is a kind friend

6 Mar, 2008


It's wonderful to see the kites Janette. They're on these hills too.and although I don't like birds to come too near me I do like to see the kites soaring through the sky.

23 Nov, 2008


Occasionally we see buzzards hereabouts too. Paul saw one when he was out walking Jasper in the fields one day this summer and luckily he had his camcorder with him. On that occasion the buzzard had the sky to himself but we have seen them attacking kites in flight presumably to defend their territory. It is quite a spectacular sight.

23 Nov, 2008


I'm not trying for one-up-manship, honestly! It's because we live between the coast and the hills, that Henry and I see buzzards most days - usually a pair - wheeling round in the sky and sometimes landing in the trees. I hear them first, as their cry is very distinctive.

I haven't seen them attack any other birds, though.

23 Nov, 2008


Yes I've seen buzzards attack kites aswell as crows like these.

23 Nov, 2008


It is interesting to hear at first hand where such majestic birds feel at home. Until about ten years ago they were a rare sight here in the Chilterns. We used to marvel at seeing a kestrel hovering and were amazed to have sparrow hawks enjoy their meals in our back gardens. It is good to know that as a community we are getting the balance right for these birds to return to areas that used to be their territory.

23 Nov, 2008

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