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New start in February.


By Janey


This week has been a really busy time in the garden….after a trip to the local garden centre on Thursday and alleviating them of a beautiful Blue Spruce….Lol…we went over to another a little farther afield yesterday, and complete with the spending bug, bought a good selection of trees and plants….so much for my New Years resolution of being careful when spending on the garden!….:o)

Earlier in the week, I moved Laburno/cytisus adamii to the other side of the garden, in a not so prominent spot…the flowers early May are very pretty, but the rest of the year, it’s a bit non-descript, and here I planted a weeping Prunus Snow Showers…can’t wait to see this in bloom….:o)

The new Blue Spruce is sited further down the garden, and close by Thuja occidentalis Sunkist, which is bright gold all year. This’ll probably have to be moved in the future, but not for a few years yet….:o) Behind, a Choisya badly hit by the snows.

Then I found a place for Parrotia persica, which at the moment is just bare branches, but has this amazing autumn colour and little red flowers coming this month.

Next buy was Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Allumi White Spot, to add some height eventually and winter colour, the new growth is white-tipped in spring.

This is Chamaecyparis obtusa Karamachiba, a low evergreen mound of yellow to dark orange, another one for the winter.

And in the bargain bin….. Umbrella Bamboo, Fargesia murielae Bimbo…marked down to £2.00 from £15.00 and a Vinca Minor, for ground cover.

For 50p….I think this is another Lawsoniana, ideal for filling an empty corner.

All in all, a great week of buying and planting…..just need to sit back and wait for Spring now….:o))

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great bargains there Janey, love the blue spruce....hope they all do well for you...roll on springtime!

6 Feb, 2011


They all look great Janey, and what a bargain that bamboo was! At our dobbies they have pots of bamboo, just a bit taller, but no wider than this for £40 reduced from £70!! I love your weeping prunus, but most of all, I love all your brick walls!! That Choisya took a real hit didn't it? Mine are a bit damaged too, but nothing like this! However, most of the small evergreens that I planted in the autumn took a really bad hit and I think a few are dead.....we shall see :(

6 Feb, 2011


Great selection of plants there.

6 Feb, 2011


Your blue spruce looks gorgeous against your lovely brick wall, Janey. What a lot of bargains you've collected - well done. I have some Christmas vouchers to spend so you have inspired me to start thinking about what to buy :)

6 Feb, 2011


You have got some great bargains there especially the bamboo.... roll on Spring....cant wait for things to start growing again....

6 Feb, 2011


You have some nice plants there Janey. I went to the garden centre with my neighbour last Saturday and funnily enough she bought a Prunus Snow Showers. The owner of the GC advised her to get it, said its a beauty :-) I get in the impression with you buying the conifers and bamboo, that you are thinking of adding plants that will look good all through Winter. The milder conditions are getting us going, arent they. I've been out all weekend tidying. The ground where the perennials are look so bare, I think your purchases will be perfect.

6 Feb, 2011


nice plants, well new years resolutions are meant to be broken lol , I am lethal too in the garden centres,well it is where ever i go ie tescos i just picked up some persian buttercup (pink) and chincherinchee have never had these before and couldn't resist :)

6 Feb, 2011


Excellent - the fargesia £2 how cool !!! Some great bargains - love all the choices there !!! I say everytime I buy a plant "that's it - done" but never seems to be. Wonderful purchases for you there

6 Feb, 2011


Isn't it nice spending money on plants :o) I hope the spring won't be long.

6 Feb, 2011


Too addictive Hywel :D At least Feb a shorter month - yipee:):):)

6 Feb, 2011


Yes Elsie and Karen....great bargains, the GC had such a lot of stuff dirt Janey you are not going again!!...LOL Both my Choisyas went Karen, a gorgeous Escallonia Gold Ellen....all the Hebes....can't think of counting the cost...and your evergreens's a hard lesson to learn isn't it....:o((
Thanks Cinders and Gee....hope you're well enough to go spending Gee...:o)
Spring is just around the corner Holly, fancy that's good to hear it's recommended, let me know what she thinks to the blossom. Yes I've decided not to waste money on beauties that may not make it through the winter...also as you say, colour for winter too....:o)
Haven't seen the Persian buttercups Jewells....looking forward to seeing some pics later on, I've had Chincherinchees before, very pretty...from a bulb aren't they.
There were so many Bamboos Paul....all give aways, fabulous bargains! Many thanks...:o)
It really is Hywel, it was Xmas money especially for the they are great pressies.
3 more weeks till March Paul!

6 Feb, 2011


How I wish I could do the same as you! But there's not much room on a balcony for many permanent plants! I do have three Conifers though & they are all as tall as me, in fact one is now a little taller than me! I can no longer underplant them during the summer as I did for a few years as they now dry the soil out so much I have to water them daily! Nevertheless there are still a few Grape Hyacinths that somehow manage to cope with the roots of the conifers! Last year I had pots of Busy Lizzies on the top of the soil, looked good, too!

6 Feb, 2011


My Choisya will need a prune, but it isn't as bad as yours, Janey. I daren't start making a list of losses.

I like the bluespruce too - our own 'Bluespruce' would be proud of you! :-))

6 Feb, 2011


What a great choice Janey and some bargains to , £2.00 for the bamboo ,Golly that was a bargain ! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for your lovely Laburno / cytisus adamii , I was so envious of that last year ....
Is'nt it nice to be out and about looking at plants again . :o))

7 Feb, 2011


Very proud of our Jane Barbara...who knows, before too long her whole garden might be filled with conifers, just like mine! ;o))) lol!! xx

7 Feb, 2011


Ah, but you have your allotment now about a herb wheel? You could grow all sorts to compliment your veggies, and edge it all with Lavenders......ooh, I like the sound of that myself....I can feel another project coming on....:o))

I'm leaving the Choisyas for a few weeks Barbara...they are still bright green at the bottom, so am hoping they'll come through...thing is the heights gone hasn't it.

There were lots of Bamboos Amy, I wished I'd picked a couple more, you can grow this one in a tub though, so that's where it'll go. Its been very windy today, shall have to check all the new plantings tomorrow...yes it's great having a look round, two new Roses came today, free from Home and Gardens, looking forward to those too....:o)

Aw, thanks Blue, it wouldn't take many conifers to fill my small garden, it would be a dream to have one like yours! I'm looking forward to seeing the grasses this Spring. In summer the garden can be quite hot and dry, only hope the Conifers can cope with that too.

7 Feb, 2011


I have a pkt of Lavender seeds in the greenhouse down on the allotment just waiting to be sown! Perhaps I'll do them tomorrow!

I bought a Lavender plant last summer but it looks really bad now. It's still on the balcony where it has spent the winter. It looks more dead than alive! :-(( I had one a few years ago but that didn't last very long, I think I probably overwatered it!

I'll give this one a few more weeks to see if it will come back to life otherwise it will have to go in the rubbish bin.

7 Feb, 2011


Beautyful plant selection janey thankyou.

7 Feb, 2011


Ive lost nearly all my Lavenders Balc too.....I've never grown them from if you set yours will you keep us up to date with how they're doing...:o) I don't think they do come back if they're leafless branches. I have a couple of Hidcote that are still small grey mounds....really hardy ones those.

Thanks Tony...:o))

8 Feb, 2011


I must remember to sow them shortly! When I do you can be sure I'll keep you informed.

My plant still has some leaves so perhaps it will pick up in the next few weeks.

8 Feb, 2011


how did i miss this, sorry janey, lovely plants janey and you have been busy :o))

12 Mar, 2011


I cut back my Lavender a couple of weeks ago when I saw there was some new growth of the lower part of the stems. Not seen any difference since then though. :-((

13 Mar, 2011


Thanks San....:o))

It's been very chilly up here Balc, so everything looks to be at a standstill, though some of the cherry blossoms are just coming out. We've had a few days in the Lakes and things up there are much further behind. It was really cold, but beautiful as always...their snowdrops were still fresh, though the daffodils at Grassmere where Wordsworth is buried were just blooming. I'm sure your Lavender will pick up in a few weeks when there's more warmth and light, I seem to remember last Spring was like this, very cold and wintry, then all of a sudden the warmth came and everything was out all together.

17 Mar, 2011


Shame on me! I still haven't gotten round to sowing the Lavender seeds! The plant on the balcony is no longer showing the green leaves on the lower parts of the branches, perhaps I was into much of a hurry cutting it back to the new growth! :-((

19 Mar, 2011


I did the same with my Artemisia, cut it back to the new growth, we had a really sharp frost after and it's died!

20 Mar, 2011

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