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My lovely pond..:))


By Janey


Hello, I haven’t logged in for a while, I’ve been having hospital procedures and appointments and quite honestly have felt rubbish!
But on a positive note, in the middle of all this, I’ve had a little pond put into the garden by a village friend and his grandsons and they’ve done a really good job, and I love it!
It’s a wildlife pond only small, but perfectly formed haha…and suddenly the garden has a focal point, something more to check on and take a cup of tea to and check to see how it all is progressing.
So here are some pics of how it went.

Here the hole has been dug and the pond inserted and back filled. They did work hard!

Nearly done…Then I can fill it and add water plants and shingle.

What a difference now, I’m not sure about pond edging or leave the rim on show..

I found flat pieces of stone, but not enough. I quite like the rim on show..

Same pic, I couldn’t delete it.

I bought some floating plants, I love it!

I think it could do with some rushes and reeds to create hiding places for the wildlife…but so far, so good..:))

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Your pond is lovely, it will give you a lot of pleasure.

18 Jun, 2021


Janey, hopefully you’re on the mend? I can only imagine you’ve been having a tough time..
Your pond looks fab!mi do like the edging and gravel on the right of the bottom pic.
You’ll soon see all sorts thriving there and wildlife taking drinks!
Keep well, best wishes x

18 Jun, 2021


Thank you Julia, yes it fits in very nicely. I'll look for more stones at my local GC.. I hope you are ok..take care..

Thank you Marjorie..:) it will, there are usually dragonflies in the garden in summer and now they're be able to drink.

Hi Kate, not as yet, but getting there, another procedure in a weeks time, thank you for your kind wishes though..
I will, I love sitting by it. The birds love to drink and so do Poppy and Ted! Hope you are feeling A1 now..x

18 Jun, 2021


I hope you keep feeling well and gradually improve, don't try to force things along. Resting just means more time to sit and watch and you will soon have lots of little goings-on around your new pond - nothing like water in the garden to create interest. Do be careful with rushes, I planted a small piece in one of our ponds and it's now huge and will have to be removed before it takes over!

18 Jun, 2021


Hope your hospital procedures have helped you, Janey & that the last one will leave you OK afterwards.

Your little pool will be a boon to wildlife & will no doubt give you a lot of pleasure as well.

18 Jun, 2021


Janey, I am sorry to read about your reason for not logging on for a while and do hope you will feel better very soon.

Gardening programmes and magazines are forever extolling the virtues of having water in the garden. I bet before too long you will have all sorts of wildlife coming in. Pond looks great. Wishing you well ... :o)

18 Jun, 2021


Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling your best Janey,and hope the last one procedure brings you back to better health.Your little pond looks great, and I like the rim on show too:o) Something nice and peaceful about ponds ,isn't there? The Dahlia seeds you sent me,are doing really well,and buds are appearing now ..yippee,can't wait to see them in flower ! :o) I will post a photo,when the time is right..take care.xx

18 Jun, 2021


It's a lovely pond Janey, and a nice size too. The rim being visible is a matter of taste, I don't mind it myself, it seems to edge the pond off.
The planting is lovely.

I'm sorry you've had to have medical treatment, I hope you're all right now x

19 Jun, 2021


Janey, I do hope you will be back to your usual self soon, although you’re obviously still going through things at the moment. I’m doing just fine, thanks for asking, that’s very kind.
Please look after yourself..or, make sure the appropriate people/medical professionals are! Keep safe and take care.
Sending best wishes and thoughts xx

19 Jun, 2021


Janey, I hope things improve for you very soon and wish you well.
Your pond is a cracker and will provide hours of interest and already looks like it has settled in well. I like the planting very much.

19 Jun, 2021


Wishing you lots of happy hours pond gazing Janey - a pond makes such a difference to a garden . Lots of agonizing choices to make about which marginals to have! Its surprising how quickly marginals spread themselves- you will soon have lots of hiding places for little creatures.
Hope you get some of those pretty blue damselflies that will enjoy resting on the iris leaves. Look after yourself - hope you are soon feeling much better.

20 Jun, 2021


Thank you for such a lot of lovely comments and wishes too.
Honeysuckle, I will, but like any gardener I find it very hard to sit still, but sit I will and enjoy my new pond..:)
Thank you for the advice, I think maybe this is too small for rushes really. I do remember a couple of years ago, I had them growing round the garden edges, where it was damp and shady. I did pull them out then tho! X

Thanks Balc for your kind wishes, yes it's such a joy to have it...two damsel flies on the iris leaves today..:) X

Hi Shirley, that's kind...and yes they are, and also haven't we had so many more gardening related programmes to enjoy these last months and now Carol Klein on Monday evenings to enjoy too..X

Thanks Sandra, yes I quite like the rim showing, I'll see how it comes on. So pleased the dahlias are doing well,
the mother plant is looking good too..looking forward to seeing the flowers when open, take care too..x

Hello Hywel, oh thank you, it seems to have opened the garden up too as my large dark leaved hebe was here before, luckily I managed to find it a new home too.
I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just been such a long drawn out job, that I know it's got me down, but I'm very lucky and to have all these lovely comments is a real pick me up! :0) X

Thanks Kate, so pleased you're ok again, my daughter is just getting her sense of taste and smell back, which is great. Thank you for your lovely wishes..X

Hi Ange, thanks so much...yes, the shingle really brought it to life and a family of blackbirds, mum dad and two babies have enjoyed foraging around it today, needless to say, I'm sure they were the culprits that fished out my water snails and fed them to the babies! What a cheek..:D x

Thank you for your good wishes Klahanie, he did. I hope alls well with you over the bigger pond! x

And I do Yorks, always peering in, my water spider plant has bloomed with one white small bloom, now it looks like it is dividing itself...very interesting. Yes there were two today exactly as you said, on the iris leaves..!
I will, thanks for your kind wishes. x

20 Jun, 2021


Your little pond looks wonderful Janey … don’t know how I missed your blog before. All the stones and rocks just set it off beautifully. Hopefully it has brought you solace over the past few months … xx

1 Oct, 2021


I've loved it Sheila, the main plant is a water soldier which keeps the water clear and produces babies on stems which I've cut off and they're now floating and cleaning. It has a white Lily flower but it only lasts a day.
I've had quite a few dragonflies in the garden, and bees and wasps drinking from it. Also 2 cats and a dog!

1 Oct, 2021

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