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A joyous afternoon


By Janey


This afternoon I really needed to get away from the noise of preparation work at the back of the cottage. I was getting nervous about how it would withstand a jackhammer,
pickaxe and all the heavy treatment needed to turn the horrid old concrete area into the beginnings of a thing of beauty! Haha..I’m needing the beauty part to get a wriggle on, this ugly stage is taking far too long..
With that I decided a couple of hours at the country house near me, was just what was needed. I knew the trees must be flaming with autumn colour and I was desperate to see them. Lottie was raring to go, so lead, doggie bags, water and frisbee were gathered and off we went.
And what joy awaited us, the colours spectacular, the sun warm and the ground
littered in red and gold..

I love this shady short walk. Under the canopy of taller trees, a selection of acers are glowing with firework colours..

The golds and yellows are just as vibrant as the reds.

Through the gateway, the parkland unfolds with its majestic trees.

This beautiful beech is so regal and for me the one to look for throughout the year, just love its shape.

The contrast between the conifer and the deciduous trees is really lovely.

All aflame, with carved seats for the children under the gold. Such a fabulous colour to be surrounded by.

Parkland view and how lucky I feel to have enjoyed the beauty of the autumn colours.
Just love you trees

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The noise of building work can really overwhelm you, so what a wonderful place to visit for distraction from it. Truly spectacular views and colours. I can feel the fresh air coming out of the photos! Thanks for showing them.

11 Nov, 2021


What a beautiful place,Janey,and to live so close to it too..You couldn't have chose anywhere better to lift your spirits,and a respite from all the noise of the building work..I bet Lottie loved it too.all those trees to sniff around :o) I love trees too,and those are spectacular,so thank you forsharing with us :o) xx

11 Nov, 2021


It was Julia and only 5 minutes away, such fabulous weather we've had over here this week...:)

Thanks Ange yes they were a little bit too near the kitchen, it'll be smashing when.its done tho.. I'm very lucky to live nearby Normanby Hall. It's good to meet friends there too, a smashing cafe and they have events all year round..
The tree colour this year is fabulous isn't it..

You're welcome Sandra..:)) There's redwoods there and Scots pines, most very old trees.
In the walled garden, they have heritage fruits and veg and espalier fruit trees. But the trees are wonderful! Lottie prefers playing frisbee, so that comes first, to tire her out, then she'll have a steady walk..

11 Nov, 2021


What a fabulous place for a restorative visit Janey โ€ฆ so good for the soul. All the trees are looking gorgeous, but that Beech is certainly the star! Made me smile, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚. x

11 Nov, 2021


what a wonderful place to have on your door step. Where is it Janey? If not too far from me I will give it a try.

11 Nov, 2021


That was a good plan Janey. Who could fail to be cheered by all those wonderful trees? Fantastic variety too!
Your garden plans sound exciting - don't forget some before and after pics please!

11 Nov, 2021


It really is Sheila..:) I often go, there's a lot of events there during the year, a lovely place to catch up with friends too... This time of year, for me is the best..x

I'm sure you'll know it Sbg, Normanby Hall!

It's been looking especially good this year. The walled garden looking well worked and planted, the woodland walks opened up and of course Go Ape is a real winner all year round too..

Hi Stera, it's always a treat for me to be able to pop for an hour or two. In the winter when its snowy or frosty you can have a look round the heated greenhouse and even read a book for an hour in there..
I'll let you know how things develop at the back of the cottage, I'm awaiting top soil to be delivered now and a new step to be made, then it just needs the resin...we'll get there eventually..:)

11 Nov, 2021


Every photo here is very beautiful and the first one is truly glorious. The escape to see all those magical trees must have been so good for you. Hope the work at home will soon be over.

11 Nov, 2021


Aw, thank you Wildrose, they truly are magical and over this last year and a half, we've come to appreciate them more, haven't we...
It will I'm sure, these things always take longer think..:)

12 Nov, 2021


Looks like you found a hideaway and your timing was spot on. What a show of color - a treat for the senses and respite for the soul. I agree about the Beech. It's very majestic.

12 Nov, 2021


It's fabulous there Paul, always a breathe out joy! An hours meditation under the trees even Lottie had her paws together, eyes closed..:))
The Beech tree surveys the scene with a nod to the more lowly specimens, I feel...haha.

12 Nov, 2021


Lottie must be channeling, lol. Peace & quite is such a precious commodity.

12 Nov, 2021


It certainly is Paul. This environment is very special to me..

12 Nov, 2021


Gorgeous pics, Janey! It is really lovely there, isnโ€™t it! You really have shown the park in such a lovely way - such beautiful colours! It really is a pretty season isnโ€™t it!
Thank you for posting your lovely captures!

13 Nov, 2021


What wonderful contrast of colours Janey! Such a lovely place to have to walk through too!
You have captured them brilliantly. I am going to miss all these colours around us when the leaves fall!

13 Nov, 2021


Thank you Kate! Yes, you must know it well and Autumn this year has been wonderful.
You're very welcome..:))

Thank you very much Rose, the yellows are spectacular still, up here. It's the third week in November and we still have such colour..
I know, the dark season, but it's the shortest day next month....and off we go again!

It's a great place Klahanie, the hall will soon be decorated for Xmas..:))

16 Nov, 2021


Looks fabulous and so good for the soul I am itching to go to Ashwood's private garden, not sure when though :-))

17 Nov, 2021


Hi Daylily...It's just beautiful, all the trees this Autumn have been stunning haven't they..
I hope you can get to Ashwoods garden soon too. Where abouts is it?

17 Nov, 2021


John's garden at Ashwood is well worth visiting Janey. It's at Kingswinton, west of Birmingham ... open only about four times a year I think. Hope you get there Daylily!

Just looked it up, and sadly the autumn visit was on the 6th November. Next dates in 2022, 26th March, 2nd April, 28th May. Some virtual tours on the website though (of Ashwood Nurseries).

17 Nov, 2021


Lovely to see all those trees in their autumnal finery! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

17 Nov, 2021


Hi Janey and Sheila, it's in Kingswinford, West Mids, I'm only a couple of miles away, I've been a few times of course previous years, he's been opening it nearly every weekend this year and I think it still open for a few more Saturdays but haven't been this year apart from the nursery ๐Ÿ˜Š

20 Nov, 2021


Hi Daylily, sorry for being so long in getting back to you, I do hope you can make your visit to Ashwoods one of these weekends. Being nearby must be a real treat!

Pleased you've enjoyed them Balc, most of the beautiful leaves are gone now, but the stunning Swamp Cypress is in fine fettle,
I took a pic this morning..:))

25 Nov, 2021

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