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Wellbeing Garden


By Janey


Like Bloomer, I too haven’t posted for a while. But after visiting my favourite country house, Normanby Hall, there was a new garden, well worth a look and I thought you would like to see it. A wellbeing garden created after the pandemic for visitors to enjoy peace, a place to think and reflect if they wish to. Beautiful, very quiet and planted in purples and yellows, for bees and butterflies and pollinators..

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the summer, thank goodness the excessive heat only lasted a couple of days. We just need the rain now!

Yellow Achillea and blue Nepeta, beautiful herbs.

The planting surrounds a covered seating area, just perfect to sit and reflect.

There are wooden benches with a carved owl at each end, beautifully made by chain saw artist Sarah Mitchell.

More carved owls sit in the gardens.

There’s also a love story in the garden. At the front of the garden is a ladies cycle that belonged to Val. Val and John who owned this bicycle fell and so did the cycles! Johns cycle is at the end of the blog, I couldn’t get the photo to insert here, strangely enough!

This is the story of the bicycles.

Leaving the garden is this beautiful carved post dedicated to pollinators. I’m sure they will really enjoy the planting in this quiet, peaceful garden.

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Hello Janey,this is so eerie,as I was only wondering this week if you were well,as it seems ages since we heard from you,but as I hadn't been posting much either,it seems we have both been in the same frame of mind :o)

This is really beautiful,and such a lovely story.
We have a local Lady Artist too,who has carved lots of different Animals,birds etc,in a local park,and such a joy to see,and marvel at their skills..
Thanks for this Janey,I love it,and added to Favourites .. xx

22 Jul, 2022


You found a beautiful place Janey and chose to share it with us. It is a really lovely story - thank you for coming back to us and sharing it.

22 Jul, 2022


Fancy that Sandra! I hadn't forgotten anyone, or GoY, I had so much to do, different appointments and Mum in Law has hospital twice, she is 92 now. She has carers twice a day now and has finally agreed, she does need them, which has been half the battle. :)
Pleased you've enjoyed it Sandra. Your local.park sounds delightful, these carvings seem to have an innocence that automatically make you smile.

22 Jul, 2022


Oh thank you Wildrose..:)

22 Jul, 2022


We must have been on the same wavelength,Janey.. Lol. It has been such a busy time for you,and I'm glad your mum in Law,has made the right decision,which will have helped you a lot,and hope you are feeling better too..x
I must take some photo's of the carvings in our park,next time we visit,so that's another blog to think about for another time.. :o) xx.

23 Jul, 2022


Good to see you back on the site, Janey! Hopefully you've been keeping well!
Thanks for sharing the Wellbeing garden with us! What a wonderful addition to Normanby Hall! I haven't been in such an age! I shall have to revisit again.
Thanks too for the information, very interesting šŸ¤—

23 Jul, 2022


Welcome back, Janey. interesting place and love the carvings.

23 Jul, 2022


A lovely place to visit, love all the owls. Thank you for sharing the place with us.

23 Jul, 2022


lovely to see you and the blog is lovely. I really like Normanby hall, tended to go 3 or 4 times a year pre pandemic. Need to go again soon.

23 Jul, 2022


Hi Janey, good to see you back!
It was interesting to see another side of Normanby. I used to work at the Iron and Steel Research
Association in Sheffield and we had a small branch at Normanby. It has only ever been just a word to me and it was lovely to see this side to it. It was a great idea to make the garden and I love the owls and the Nepeta specially!
Not many gardens have a love story on site, especially one with bicycles!

23 Jul, 2022


Janey- I would love to create a well being garden for fellow village residents where I live. Unfortunately due to ongoing vandalism in local play park I don't think it would be a good idea. I will open my garden next year and try to include as many 'wellbeing' aspects in it. Thank you for sharing- you've give me some ideas.

24 Jul, 2022


We must have Sandra! M in L called go ambulance, but been over, all ok, cancelled it...:(( You take care too and yes that would be lovely to see the carvings in the park. x

24 Jul, 2022


It really is Kate, very soothing to the soul.
Yes, you'd like it :))

24 Jul, 2022


It Julia, 10 minutes away. Great for walking Lottie too. I will, you too.

24 Jul, 2022


Thank you Ange and Feverfew.

You'd enjoy it now Sbg, a lot of money has been ploughed into it.

Did you really Stera? Normanby itself is a very pretty village with lots of cottages that at one time would have belonged to the estate. I was a BSC girl myself, based at Brumby Hall in Scunthorpe. Normanby Hall country park is it's full title now, a beautiful House and estate. The bicycles made me smile..:))

Hi Klahanie, yes I will, you too.

Hello Amsterdam, I'm sorry to hear that, but it seems to be the norm now.
Wow, how lovely that you have found inspiration here to help in your own garden.
The blue and yellow scheme is very calming and you can get all types of nepeta now. I have 6 Hills giant at home. You're very welcome to have some to start your garden.

24 Jul, 2022


Janey- thank you for your kind words. Well your offer od some nepeta seems one I cannot refuse!! I especially like the combination of yellow achillea and blue/lilac nepeta combo. I myself have created a yellow/orange and blue/purple border this year. It still has to grow into its own but so far so good. Thank you again.

25 Jul, 2022


You're more than welcome. Send me a pm with your address Amsterdam. It's a lovely nepeta and one I think they used in the Wellbeing Garden. Very easy to split and replant.
The colours you've chosen for your border, look lovely I bet..Opposites on the colour wheel, so will always look great together..:)

25 Jul, 2022


Wow, Janey - what did you do at Brumby? I worked in the information dept in Sheffield. No gardens there at all, but I
did smuggle an ivy plant into the library...I have a copper coloured rose next to my Nepeta - it would go well with your yellow and blue.

25 Jul, 2022


Secretarial work Stera, to a lovely boss, head of Purchasing. Beautiful place to work too.
So many funny stories, that were commonplace then, but not now!
Did you? We were lucky with pretty 1970s rose beds etc. But two stunning Cedar of Lebanon's at the main entrance.
Yes I bet they go well together..:)

25 Jul, 2022


Just found this blog Janey!
I love all the gardens, but especially the love story!
I also loved all the carvings!
Is this garden in Norbanby Hall ?
We haven't been there in years and we also live in Lincolnshire on the coast.

25 Aug, 2022


Hi Rose, aw, thank you. Yes Normanby Hall.
Do you? Are you further south than me?

25 Aug, 2022


Cleethorpes Janey! Not sure where you are!

27 Aug, 2022


What a lovely blog Janey, and Iā€™m only six months late to appreciate it ā€¦ sorry! A beautiful garden and a bicycle love story too which made me smile šŸ™‚.
Thank you. x

13 Jan, 2023


Oh, I've forgotten to reply to Rose, Sheila.
Sorry Rose, you are south east from me, I'm north of Scunthorpe, near the Humber.

13 Jan, 2023


Haha Sheila, it's nice to read a summery one in winter tho. It is a lovely old fashioned story, so much love and there in the garden too. I did love the blue and yellow scheme and mainly herbs..x

13 Jan, 2023

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