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Beautiful meadow mix.


By Janey


I went over to Normanby Hall the other day and their large circle of meadow mix was in full bloom.
It does look fantastic and full of bees and pollinators..:)

The sundial is in the centre of the circle with four mown paths radiating from it.

I’m not able to upload any more pics, but you can see it is gorgeous..:)

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Very pretty, I love wild flowers and they are gorgeous.

4 Jul, 2023


Thanks for sharing Janey … what a beautiful sight! I can actually see a white ‘ocean pearl’ corncockle, a favourite, and my seedlings are still in their pots because the soil is too hard for planting out 🙁. x

4 Jul, 2023


I never knew that there are white corncockles!

4 Jul, 2023


Yes Stera! And you can get seed from Special Plants, Bradford on Avon 🙂.

4 Jul, 2023


Looking fantastic.

5 Jul, 2023


Thanks Callie, I tried posting more pics, but only these two would upload..:(

Sheila, do you think what I thought were escholtzias are corncockles? I once had corncockles in the garden, they were dark red.
So cornflowers, clarkias and field poppies too.
Shall you put yours in some pretty pots?

Thanks Ff, it really looks beautiful..:)

5 Jul, 2023


Oooh that’s a tricky one Janey … I really can’t be sure. The big white “open” flower next to pink left of centre near the bottom is the one that I recognised. As they look the same height as the cornflowers they could be, but perhaps there are both?!

5 Jul, 2023


Going by the leaves, the creamy white ones are Escholtzia

bottom [middle] of the second picture there are corncockle flowerbuds/seed pods hard to say. The native corncockle is a pinky magenta flower.

and being pedantic, this is more of a cornfield mix and not a meadow mix. [Sorry that is the ecology 'teaching' of my daughter] haha

5 Jul, 2023


Hi Sbg, yes, a mixture of both, I'll check the other photos I have. Not at all, cornfield mix with cornflowers and field poppies.
It is such a treat to walk by..:)

6 Jul, 2023


A beautiful wildflower mix whatever they may be!

Our local council did a lot of wildflower sowings a few years ago but for the last 3 they haven't reseeded them but the original "beds" they cut out in a couple of parks here still exist & haven't been reseeded with grass seed but left to go "properly" wild. So it's interesting to see just what plants have reseeded themselves & survived over these last 3 years. Cornflowers of different colours still continue to flower as do different kinds of Poppies & a few other flowers sown by the gardeners. But thistles have really taken over some of the "beds", as have others too!

This year they are into leaving some of the grassed areas uncut, well some with a 1 metre wide swath cut all around them. This is another interesting experiment even if it does make these grass areas looks terribly untidy!

7 Jul, 2023


That will be interesting to see Balc, what comes up maybe seeds from years ago germinating? No, think thistles aren't necessary, I must admit, leaving grassed areas to do their thing, I'm not a fan. I know insects that live low need their habitat though.
No early birds catching the worm tho either.

8 Jul, 2023


I looked a little closer at some of the beds that have been left to do their own thing for the last 3 years. It's very educational to see what reappears without fail each year! Different colour Cornflowers are everywhere & in some places quite thick as well! A yellow flower I don't recognize is everywhere & it's very pretty too! There are also Love-in-a-Mist seedlings sprouting everywhere - it's a "real" weed! I also saw some Marigold type of flower but not the normal English Pot Marigold.

There is a tremendous amount of seedlings of a plant (weed) I thought was called "Hens & Chicks" but that name belongs to a form of Houseleek. The leaves are a greyish green but it is fairly rare to see them reach flowering size as then they are over 1m tall! If memory serves me right I saw a round bed full to overflowing a couple of years back after the council abandoned it. I seem to remember I took a picture of it at the the time but I've no idea where it's got to - & I keep all my photos very well organized on my computer in years, months, places, etc.

11 Jul, 2023

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