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Happy New Year 2024!


By Janey


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope we have a good gardening year for more lovely photos and special conversations. xx

I just wanted to show you a couple of spots of brightness in my garden right now.
I love these bracket fungi that have developed on the stump of this old laburno/cytisus. It hadn’t been doing well and it was last January that I had it cut down. I’m pleased to see the beautiful bright colour of these fungi in the darkest of winter days.

Here small ones are developing down the trunk.

Bursting pods of Iris foetidissima show brilliant orange seeds.

Faithfull Wisley clem has been busy for weeks producing her pretty bell flowers.

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Happy New Year Janey :)
Nice to see some cheerful colours in your garden. I bought a Wisley Cream a few weeks ago, I hope it will have some nice flowers like yours next winter.

1 Jan, 2024


Happy New Year to you and your family too, Janey!
Hope it's a good one.
Your fungi are fantastic!!! I wish ours were this amazing. We have, literally, a couple!!! โ˜บ๏ธ
Love your Wisley Cream! How pretty to have this in your garden at this time of year.

1 Jan, 2024


Thanks Hywel. You'll be really pleased with Wisley once it gets going.
I thought I'd lost mine in the summer. The passionflower that had shaded it was cut down by the low temps in the winter and Wisley looked like brown twigs. I was so pleased that it burst into leaf again and now full of buds and flowers..:)

Thank you Julia, yes I'm pleased the stump has been given a new lease of life with the fungi. A bit of a way to go till spring, but at least we're going the right way..:)

Thanks Kate, yes let's hope this year will be kind to us.
They are a lovely colour, and one day they weren't there and it seemed to be a few days later, they were! 0f course fodder for slugs and snails, but I'm not into caring anymore about the slippery beasties. Maybe with the wet, you'll have some more popping up?
Wisley has been with me here a lot of years and come November, there it is doing it's magic, buds forming, flowers opening till March when it needs it's sleep..:) I would highly recommend it.

1 Jan, 2024


Not seen Clem Wisley Cream before, but what a treat to see such a pretty one at this time of the year ๐Ÿ™‚. And such bright fungi too. Hope itโ€™s all promising you a happy new year Janey! x

2 Jan, 2024


Happy New Year Janey and looking forward to meeting up with you again.
I love the Wisley Cream too and used to have one in Laceby. x

2 Jan, 2024


Happy New Year Janey, I loved the fungi photo.

2 Jan, 2024


Thanks Sheila, it really is a joy to see right now. It'grows on the south facing wall, and I can enjoy it from my kitchen window.. :)) x

Hello Rose! And to you..:) Yes we must make plans soon. Did you? They are a delight aren't they. x

Happy New Year to you Callie. Thank you, I'm intrigued by fungi. We know now that trees and fungi are connected by their mycelium (I think!) and these are lovely colourful fruiting bodies on my dead tree stump, so they are enjoying the rotting wood too.

Thanks so much Klahanie, Happy New Year to you too.

3 Jan, 2024


Happy New Year to you, too, Janey! ๐Ÿ‘Nice to see the bright colours of your fungi! The Clematis must be lovely to have in flower during the winter! ๐Ÿ‘

5 Jan, 2024


Hello Balc, thank you! It is very special, looking great in the rain too..:)

5 Jan, 2024


A bit late, but Happy New Year to you, too, Janey. You seem to have a lot in your garden for winter pollinators.

6 Jan, 2024


Best Wishes and A happy Gardening Year to you Janey, I got a bit lost last year for obvious reasons, I'm beginning to get my mojo back now and really looking forward to springtime, enjoying my garden and everyone else's also....
I love to see the fungi, I have lots here growing in the stumpery in my garden, to me it looks magical, nature at its best no matter what season it is....Lovely photo's and blog Janey x

6 Jan, 2024


Better late than never Janey!
A Happy New Year to you and many happy times in your very lovely garden. I love the colours in your fungi.

7 Jan, 2024


Janey, sorry to be another who is late with the Happy New Year wishes ... here's to a good year of gardening for all of us ... :o)

14 Jan, 2024


So sorry girls for not seeing your comments!
You'll have to forgive me, a bit dopey lately..

Thank you Ange, a few pieces of brightness, no hellebores open as yet, but coming. I'm pleased I've got the clem for bumble who is out there every day..:)

Thank you so much Lincs, I'm pleased to hear your feeling more like yourself..:) We have lots to.look forward too with our gardens don't we. I've so many forget-me-not seedlings to transfer in a few weeks time, I'm really itching to do them!
A woman after my own heart, fungi is so interesting isn't it? Would love to see a pic of your stumpery and what is flourishing there!
They are magical, no wonder we associate fairies and pixies with them..:)

Shirley,if you hadn't commented, I wouldn't have seen the ones I'd missed. Yes, I'm sure we'll find lots to chat about. Roll on the days of trying to escape the heat!!

15 Jan, 2024


Janey, I have the same issue with Forget-me-nots as you. They are everywhere but not a hope of moving them with these cold days ... :o(

16 Jan, 2024


No not yet Shirley,I would think end of Feb and into March. We've had a few flakes of snow here this afternoon, a lovely bright morning though..

16 Jan, 2024


Janey, the trouble is I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not gardening!

16 Jan, 2024


So am I. I walk round the garden every day, hoping to find something emerging to bring a bit of cheer, the only plant that I've noticed is moving forward is an old Heather that I trim into a round and the pink flower buds are opening...oh joy! Haha, I should get out more, but I don't want to!..:))

16 Jan, 2024


Janey, I saw a couple of Snowdrops in the garden today and think Bjs (Brian) sent me them many years ago! Tomorrow is forecast to be bitterly cold so I may well stay indoors ... :o(

17 Jan, 2024


You're absolutely right Shirley bitterly cold!!
Have enjoyed a dog walk with Lottie though..:)
That's nice, Bus hasn't been on GoY for a long time..

18 Jan, 2024


Janey, well done for taking Lottie out, brrr! I know Brian's wife was poorly some time ago but have not been in touch with him for ages.

19 Jan, 2024


You'll all be pleased there are no frosty nights forecast during the next week or so! It seems Storm Isha has blown the cold away for the time being! ๐Ÿ˜†

22 Jan, 2024


That's a shame Shirley, it's sad and people have their own troubles..:((

Thanks for that Balc, yes very pleased, let's hope we get warmer air from the south..:)

22 Jan, 2024


We may well get some warmer air but it's another one (or 2) day wonder! Now the 2nd named storm is upon us! Storm Jocelyn will pass through overnight again tonight & there will be strong winds & lots of rain - again!

23 Jan, 2024

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