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Navigating new phone.


By Janey


I’ve missed quite a few postings having updated my phone! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, but I’ve found it a bit strange to navigate. There’s so much on it that I don’t need. Not to worry I will catch up soon I’m sure.

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A new phone - how very stressful that is. You WILL get used to it and will not worry about all the things that you don’t need to know about!!

22 Feb, 2024


Janey, I shall be getting a smartphone/iPhone soon and am already concerned about using it! My Pay-as-you-go trusty old mobile is finally going to be updated.

I bet you will be au fait with your new phone long before I know what to do ...

22 Feb, 2024


Thank you both. It's an upgrade from my previous one, but bring back my old one please! It's only a phone I know, but what was easy, is no more. And there's so much hair on the floor.. :))😂.
I do hope yours will be an easier route Shirley. Thing is I didn't have these probs with my previous one, but then I was 8 years younger..haha.

22 Feb, 2024


Yes Janey, I think youth must help. I’m also struggling with my very first Smartphone, but I do appreciate being able to belong to two WhatsApp groups 🙂. We both just need patience … hopefully it will be worth it!

22 Feb, 2024


Hi Janey, although it can be rather stressful getting a new phone you will find after a couple of months that you can no longer live without it & wonder what life was like before you got it! 😆

I've been wondering how we managed life just 25 years ago? My wife & I got a couple of "bricks" back in 1999 when I was working in Madrid & she was at home in Cuenca with the kids! We got an offer from a company that sold them as pairs at a reduced tariff rate as they were co-joined.

No internet back then & I don't remember now if we even had the old SMS Texts even. When we returned to the UK we gave them to my mother & sister-in-laws & they used them for years. Again sis-in-law worked in Madrid while her mum lived in Cuenca.

22 Feb, 2024


I dread having to get a smart phone. I have a nokia 'brick'! Also have had the same number since the early 90's and this is my 3rd handset. Hubby the same too.

22 Feb, 2024


Hi Janey, I think I would have struggled with a new phone too!
Is your number still the same?

23 Feb, 2024


Hi Sheila, I'm sure you're right there! How are you getting on with it now?
Yes the benefits like WhatsApp with groups and our families who live away are amazing aren't they. It's also an encyclopedia too as everything you want to know is right there.
I know I'll get used to it, like so many older people do. x

Hi Balc, oh yes remember those bricks with the huge aerials, didn't we think they were incredible, which they were then. That's a lovely story of your family all using them over the years.
My other phone was a smartphone, it was the battery that gave out in the end and after 8 years of use, it had done very well. And of course after 8 years how technology has advanced!

Hi Sbg, a lot of people have the mobiles still. I'm lucky I have my daughter to show me what's what and I know you have your two who may help too. I found uploading pics on here used to be quite easy, but it's a lot more involved now.

Yes I'm sure it'll take a while Julia, it's learning something new again, which I didn't want to have to do!
I can imagine you could miss your old TV. It's maybe a woman thing, haha we like what we know and are comfortable with..:)

Hi Rose, oh I'm pleased it's not just me.
Yes, still the same number, we must make plans to catch up soon. I hope you're doing ok. x

23 Feb, 2024


Hi Janey. I think the answer to your question is “slowly”. So far I have only used the phone to reply to messages on WhatsApps. And I’m still using my iPad to send emails. Oh, I’ve learnt how to respond to texts too! Well, it hurts to hold the phone in my left hand, so it makes sense to just learn one thing at a time. I’m sure it will be very useful to learn the camera function, so looking forward to that. I’ve always been apprehensive about learning new techy things, so I’ll be asking dumb questions for a while yet … x

24 Feb, 2024


You're right Sheila slowly it is. How is your wrist, can you feel it's getting easier with better movement? I do hope so.
The camera on this phone is really good, just uploading them on here isn't half as easy, but maybe that won't irritate me in time..☺️x

25 Feb, 2024


Janey, my wrist is gradually getting better day by day thanks. I think in another two weeks I could be driving again … I just need to be able to put the handbrake on without yelping! x

25 Feb, 2024


They do take a bit of getting used to but after a while it's like having your computer/laptop in your hand + a camera! But try not to forget it's also a phone (among other things!)

25 Feb, 2024


It's frightening how smart/iPhones have become indispensable, mine has replaced my handbag which took some doing, but it does double up as a satnav which handbags don't! I've realised that my daily garb has to have a pocket big enough to accommodate my iPhone + keys too .... my optician commented about the weight of my coat recently, largely due to my mobile and bunch of keys, so embarassing :-))

25 Feb, 2024


Definitely Janey. I will give you a ring. x

27 Feb, 2024

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