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I am a plantswoman and landscape designer which means I don't just draw pretty pictures I dig!
My own garden is quite small and terraced. It is very sheltered and I grow some unusual and quite tender plants. I have also dug a small pond that is teaming with so much wildlife it amazes me.
Front garden is mainly herbs which I harvest and use for cooking, medicines and beauty products.
I am an organic gardener and have been for more than a decade.

Latest photos

  • Zauschneria (Zauschneria californica (Californian fuchsia))
  • Hedychium (Hedychium gardnerianum)
  • Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus)
  • Aconitum henryi x cammarum 'Sparks variety ' (Aconitum henryi x cammarum 'Sparks variety')

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