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Hi Everyone
I’ve recently moved house and have turned my attention to the garden which, frankly, I’m pretty clueless about. I have, however, dreams! To be fair, this isn’t the first house I’ve moved to where I’ve had gardening dreams and done nothing about them, but this time will be different….
In order to help my motivation, I thought I could track my progress and gain some help through a gardening blog. My garden isn’t a state, far from it, but it is a bit overgrown and tired looking. There are plants that seem to be roaming around carefree, some that have grown too big for their boots, some that have kicked the bucket and many that don’t know what to do with themselves. I’’m now going to try and submit a photo of a bit of it, just to see if I’ve got the hang of this blogging thing

Okay, hopefully that will show up. The cat is ours, lord, or queen, of all she surveys. She has already brought several species of local wildlife to our door for our inspection – birds (not sure what type), mice and a mole – although she’s not yet caught one of the frogs I’ve seen hopping around. We live quite near a river, so I’m waiting for a fish.
I bought a book yesterday on gardening, one of those that kind of lays out monthly tasks and I’ve already completed one of the first:cutting the grass. I want to be a bit more ambitious than that though, so I’m off to take some more photos and ask you all for some help…..

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I've already commented on your cat on your photos.

But congrats. on your first blog.

In this very wet weather, we are all having trouble getting motivated ~

Everyone making lots of 'to do' lists on GoY.
and then reading other members 'to do' lists.

Maybe one day the sun will come out and our lists will become reality.

7 Sep, 2008


Welcome.... you will gets lots of ideas from Goy ! let us see how you progress with any new plans .. good luck :D

7 Sep, 2008


Yes welcome to GOY, like Amy says you will get lots of help from this brill site.

7 Sep, 2008


Welcome..Hope to share your discoveries with you. The great thing about a new garden is you have at least 9 months of surprises to look forward to when dormant plants come to life. Hope there's not too many dormant weeds

7 Sep, 2008


Welcome. May I suggest that next year, you visit open gardens in your neck of the woods. Not only will you see lots of great ideas but you also see what grows well in the area and talk to knowledgable gardeners on how to look after them. The Yellow Book of gardens open for charity in England and Wales is published annually and should be in local bookshops in early spring

7 Sep, 2008

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