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My first query on my garden is What is this plant?

There are quite a few of them in my garden and they are growing a bit out of control. My wife attacked them with secateurs and cut them right back, but we wondered if this was the right approach? If we cut them right down, would they come back? How can we restrict their size? Do we have to dig them out if they can’t be reduced in size?

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Someone on GoY will ID your mystery plant.
Spritzhenry is very good at this, but she's VERY in demand, because she does such a great job !

Congrats. on TWO blogs in ONE day.
It must be raining.

Nice to know you have such an enthusiastic assistant in your wife, wielding her trusty secateurs.

7 Sep, 2008


I think this is a type of euphorbia. Looks a lot like mine which needed tidying up, so I trimmed off the long branches which left a white sap liquid which is toxic. The trimming did not harm and now a month or so later there are new leaves and branches.

7 Sep, 2008


Yes it is a euphorbia - it may well have self-sown around your garden so trimming off spent flowerheads would stop this in future. But beware, all euphorbias have the white sap mentioned by Katcod which is toxic so do not get it on your skin and wipe your secateurs after use

7 Sep, 2008


Thank you TT for the compliment which is appreciated. I have been out all day gadding about at the Amateur Gardening Show so I didn't see this in time to get my ID in first! I would have known the answer, honest!

7 Sep, 2008


I believe you, Spritz.
Never known you get one wrong yet !
You did well to have the energy to ID anything at all.

Did you feel like you'd completed a canine agility course? These gardening shows are fun, but can be exhausting. Lol

8 Sep, 2008

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