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Dax. Great News !


Thank you all so much for you messages and good wishes for us.

Dax is going to be alright eventually. I fetched him home last night,and I feel that all is well in my world.
His whimpering at my arrival each time at the hospital,and his whimpering when I left,and knowing that it is just a case of watching and caring for him,I felt that I could do it myself.He was in a crate ,his own blankets and toy having been removed.
Since Christmas he has loved best a stuffed soft ‘Santa Claus’.Crazy as it might sound,he takes it to bed ,in his crate every night,and also takes it around the garden,shaking out the stuffing which I have sewn back in,several times. I thought this would comfort him whilst at the vets,but he was not allowed to have it !

He was refusing food ever since his accident,three days and not a crumb,which was a worry.I sneaked in,some chopped chicken meat and he ate it from my fingers ,so I thought to myself " if he can eat from my fingers,he will continue to do so once I have him home,and will be better for it "
I carried him out to the garden,and he falls over, although he does manage to get up onto all fours.
He can’t cock a leg,but managed to balance,(Like a girl) to do a wee.
This morning,out to the garden again,His tummy,being empty for so long we can not expect much,but he managed to squat like a girl,do a wee,and is definitely getting better.
He is having ‘steroids’,tablet form,and we have an appointment with the vet on Monday.
His tail is hanging down on one side,his right leg is the one that seems the worst,but I am sure it is a case of time ,and that all will be well.
What a relief !!,now I can begin to think again about the garden.I think I saw bits of red in the strawberry bed,the asparagus is too tall and now going to seed ,but I can laugh again !!

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So gald for you that Dax is on the mend. Our pets are part of the family after all. Shock and pain can seem to make dogs go off their feed [probably US too!]Being away from you can't have helped either, so he will be so much happier back at home with you all.Even if he is never quite the dog he was , it sounds as if he can live a good life now, and it may be that he does go on to fully recover, I do hope so.

23 Jun, 2013


He was pining for you I guess but he was in the best place for the critical time, sound as if he's on the mend, slow but sure x

23 Jun, 2013


That's really great news. He will get better in no time with your loving care.

23 Jun, 2013


That is good news Vera, Dax was obviously missing you which is only natural, it does sound as though its a case of very careful handling and lots of rest and quiet times whilst the bruising heals, the steroids will of course aid with that, do you have a cage at home for him ? its probably the best place for him at the moment as it wiil ensure him not moving about too much, I hope the checkup goes ok on Monday and that he does make a full recovery, he is only a youngster and we all know young bones heal easier.
He might not cock his leg anymore, not all dogs do, our labrador rarely does, think its just laziness and my son's spaniel never has done he just copies his lady pal, lol.....

23 Jun, 2013


Like everyone who's followed this event im very very pleased Dax is going to be ok.
Now's the time i feel it should be said that all puppies and very young dogs should be kept on leads when they are not in their own turf, this time Dax was lucky but next time and for others who have read whats happend take note, its the owners who need to take head and make sure the pups cant fall down such a height again.
Insurance may seem something thats not needed until this sort of thing happens.

Good luck to both Dax and vera,
And lesson learned by us all.

23 Jun, 2013


Thank you for letting us know Vera. You may be able to claim on the flats Public Liability insurance policy for the Vets bills. Worth a try. The railings should have had some kind of screen round the bottom to prevent any animal or child falling through.
If they could pay for a cage it would help, as Dax could
go in it on the lawn whilst you do the weeding nearby.
I had one once, they are big dog cages, £40.

23 Jun, 2013


Really good news about Dax. Its so good to know he's home and on the mend, you must be so thankful.

23 Jun, 2013


Great news. And what a relief for you having him home again. I hope now that he's in his home environment his recovery will be full and speedy.

24 Jun, 2013


Great news, so pleased for you both. Take it easy, Dax, and make a full recovery!

24 Jun, 2013


Sorry, have not followed the story but am guessing that Dax is a Dachshund who met with an accident. I do hope he'll make a full recovery in time. So distressing when our pets are not well. Best wishes to you and Dax.

24 Jun, 2013

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