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Due almost 16 years ago:

Transplant seedlings Verbena (purple).

Transplant self-seedlings to back garden

Due over 15 years ago:

Seed collection Common meadow rue.

see if ready to collect seed

Take cuttings Deutzia.

Take cuttings and try for seed

Sow outdoors Mahonia Charity(lily of the valley bush).

Collect seed and sow outdoors in pots as prefers cold

Due about 15 years ago:

Prune New Dawn Climbing Rose.

Prune back

Prune euonymus 'Emerald Gaiety'.

prune back 25% of last years growth

Prune Lavatera Bredon Springs.

prune back last years shoots

Flower spotting Saxifrage (highlander rose).

look for signs of flowering as meant to start late spring.

Flower spotting Sandwort.

look for sign of flowering as meant to start late spring

Prune Rose of sharon (Hypericum).

prune to encourage bushy growth

Sow seed Verbena (purple).

Time to sow harvested seed

Cut out dead growth Verbena (purple).