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Our Front Garden Revamp (Beach Garden & Picket Fencing)


I have been for the last year and a half trying to revamp our front garden and at last it has happend, we have nearly finished it.
About a year ago I moved all the stones off the beach garden as weeds were coming through the weed supresser? or the seeds from weeds were putting down their roots through the weed supresser?, one or the other anyway, I bagged the stones up in old soil bags and one of those large delivery bag’s then at beginning of the week Sat 9th Oct 2010, I started to sort the stones from the sea shell’s that had all got mixed up together, it took me 4 days of sitting with a garden sieve, I put a few stones and shells in the seive and picked the stones Phew! I must of been mad but it was worth it in the end, my next door neighbour asked if I was counting them LOL.
I bought some sleepers and set to work, wanted to get everything on the leavel side as the ground sloped.
My Husband Barry took a week off to make a Picket Fence also a nice gate which has a spring on it to make sure it is kept closed, so to keep our young Shih tzu Pebbles from running off into the road, as she saw a cat one day and chased it across the road, now she can’t get out.
Here are some pic’s to look at, not quite finished with the Beach Garden yet but it soon will be hopefully.
Plus! I won some Concrete Planters off of a Freecycler and will be getting all the paint off them hopefully LOL
He! He! Revamp! Revamp! Revamp! LOL

PIC’S <><><><><><><>

(Photo’s of the before and me starting to clear the ground)


Putting stones & Sea Shells in bags <><><><><><><><>!

Had to leave for a while and grass started to grow
so had to start diging it over.

Now to sort out Sleeper’s, level ground the put down a New differant weed supresser, first I have to put the sleepers in the right places to how they are now, just laid there at the moment.!

Stones put down
Picket Fence my Husbad Barry made has been put in place, now he will make a gate.

Here he is with the gate he is making so far.

Help! Who put this here. <><><><><><><><><> ****************************************
  • Phew! Struggled with this Blog *
    Hope you are amused with what we have been upto :o))
    I did the Beach Garden & Barry the Picket Fence + Gate
    • Jackie *

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Interesting to see the work you've been doing.
Well done.
I'm adding this to GoYpedia Weed Suppressing Membranes...

...and Pebbles, of course...Lol... :o)))

19 Oct, 2010


Looks like a lot of hard work to me. Good to have a husband like Barry to build the fence and gate. I look forward to seeing the planting LadyEssex.

19 Oct, 2010


My goodness - sorting out all those pebbles and shells! You were soooo patient. Does Pebbles like the pebbles? LOL.

19 Oct, 2010


*Thanks Terratoonie* :o))

*Linda*.It was a lot of hard work , Oooooo! I ache lol, we both worked our butt's off LOL, Barry had to cut all the Wedged Mortice & Tenon's out by hand as he hasn't a Morticer at the moment so the gate took him one & a half days to make, with the tool it would of taken 8hrs. Not too much planting to do as Barry needs to be able to get to the hedge to cut it, I could use plastic plant's LOL, may grow some plants in pots so we can move them when hedge is to be cut :O))

*Spritzhenry* Ha! Ha! Never again but I thought it would of taken me longer than 4 days, I suprised myself LOL and I glad I did it now.

And Yes! Pebbles likes Pebbles LOL

19 Oct, 2010


You will be seeing stones in your sleep but it was necessary to sort it all out....the fence/gate looks good...I hope Pebbles knows it is for his benefit. Pebbles looked so cute peeking out from the gate :)

Pots that can be moved around should work quite well. Good luck as you work towards completion of your front garden project, Ladyessex.

19 Oct, 2010


Thank You Whitonlass, Oh! And Pebbles is a she lol. :o)

20 Oct, 2010


I had a thought - if you were able to get some interesting driftwood, that would make a good feature on the pebbles. How about that? :-)))

20 Oct, 2010


Oh dear Ladyessex...I am beginning to get it wrong on all the pets my GOY friends have. I hope I haven't insulted Pebbles?

20 Oct, 2010


Spritz. I do have some drift wood that I brought back from Wales once also I have a lovely anchor that someone gave me a few years back but always been scared someone may take a liking to it, I have been trying to find a concrete seagull or a plastic one would do but no luck as yet. :O)))

20 Oct, 2010


You could probably get Barry to fasten them down somehow, I'd imagine.

20 Oct, 2010


Whistonlass. Ha! Ha! Don't worry you are not the first to call her a He lol Just think of the Flintstones, Bambam and P...... LOL
And No you haven't insulted her as she is a bit of a Tom Boy anyway :O)

20 Oct, 2010


Ha! Ha! His not digging up my Pebble Garden to do it but we will think of something LOL :O)

20 Oct, 2010


Looks a lot of hard work Jackie......well done you! How about some pots of grasses for your seaside garden....would look like sand dunes.....:o)) They would work well with Spritz's driftwood too.........

21 Oct, 2010


Yes, grasses! :)

21 Oct, 2010


I agree. Grassed would look good.
He! He! Having to smile, Pebbles is laying on the settee with me and has the Hicups LOL. :o))))

21 Oct, 2010


Aww....Pebbles with hiccups...that would be entertaining :)

21 Oct, 2010


LOL :O))))))))))))))))

21 Oct, 2010


So....have you been able to do any more work in your front garden? The weather here is wet, wet, wet! Nothing going to happen very soon...I've replied on my blog to tell you that work commences on 6th Dec. in our back garden.

And how's Pebbles? No more hiccups? lol

2 Nov, 2010


We are quite lucky with dryish weather in this neck of the woods, we have had a little rain in the past week, today the weather has been kind to us here but I have had a cold and not been able to do anything for a few days but today I dug some of the clay soil and added old used compost+dug in old sea shells to try and break the clay up a bit, it worked in quite well and put a plant in, tomorrow morning I hope to get some bulbs in but afternoon the weather forcast is rain so I will see how it goes. :o)))
Mmmmm! No hiccups at the moment but she is Woofing in her sleep though LOL

2 Nov, 2010


I hope you are soon feeling better, Ladyessex. You've got some of your ground worked today and let's just hope you can get out to plant up your bulbs. We have a forecast of rain for a few days.

I've got cabin fever and would just like to escape for a day out...see whether the rain puts us off an outing or not.

Pebbles must be chasing another dog in her dreams..woofing and all! lol

2 Nov, 2010


Hope you can escape for that day out.
Pebbles likes chasing the foxes out of our garden, it worrys me a bit as she is so small but she has the gut's of a big dog the little scamp LOL Woof! Woof! :o))))

2 Nov, 2010


She's a foxy

2 Nov, 2010


LOL :O))))

3 Nov, 2010


Hi you are on the front page LE. I bet your mums pleased. What hard work, but good for the figure! The front garden looks great. I lost a tooth cap on a gravel beach once when I sneezed. Took about 2 hours to find it....know how you feel.....stones marching in front of my eyes.

26 Nov, 2010


You say I'm on the front page ? Where do I find the Front Page LE ??????? Duhhhh! I'm confused LOL :o))))

27 Nov, 2010


Hi Ladyessex....I think Dorjac means you were featured in recent blogs by our members. I don't know that it will still be visible now as other blogs will have been written by members in the meantime. Photos get featured there too.

Just click on "members" at the top left of the page to check. Hope that solves the mystery for you, LE. lol

29 Nov, 2010


When you first log on LE, the site introductory (front) page comes up. Under YOUR OPTIONS further down the 'front page' is featured, temporarily, a garden picture, currently Flcrazy and 'arch ideas'. Yours was an arch with 'cottage garden' ideas caption. I don't know how long this is posted for. The avatar is bottom right of the featured picture. To go back to this I logged off GoY and on again. Maybe you could use 'contact us' bottom of page us to ask, if you look for emails a lot, to be emailed if featured. This picture used to be up for much longer. Shame your mum would have loved that.

29 Nov, 2010

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