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PART 2. Another Revamp


Here’s how far I’ve got…..
Dug the Bamboo out, luckily it wasn’t deep rooted and the Rhizomes where just under the surface of the soil, it was a bit hard going, the Huffing & Puffing helped LOL, I cut the Hazel down to ground level, Wow! It sure is well rooted with all the suckers that came from it, I have now got to dig the Ground Elder out, Ha! That will be the hardest task, one little root left and it will come back darn stuff lol.
Here are a few more pics to let you know how things are going.
Oh! Saved the twig’s from the Hazel also the Bamboo Canes.
Gotta go and do some more digging and leveling now.

Picture 1. Root of Bamboo

Picture 2. Hazel

Picture 3. All Bamboo dug out

Picture 4. Hazel Twigs

Picture 5. Hazel Root that has to come out.

Will add PART 3. Soon.
See you then with more pics
xx Jackie xx

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I have to ask Jackie, are you setting up in the witches broom business ready for halloween???
The huffing and puffing is working well.....

3 Sep, 2012


Keep at it girl. Nearly there !

3 Sep, 2012


Hey hey! You'll have muscles like Popeye soon :)

3 Sep, 2012


Oh a Hazel root!! We threw 2 working parties on our huge hazel and drink provided too and a good time was had.....(:

We shredded our cuts of the whips with a shredder we wheeled around the corner from a hire shop. Tried to get the root out, but ended up boring holes and adding noxious substance to see it off. Now it's just a few dried up bits of rotted wood.

Go carefully with that root please Essex Lady they can do you a hurt.

6 Sep, 2012


Barry has dug down quite a bit, will let you know when we get to Australia LOL

10 Sep, 2012


Oh! Dear. I've come to a stand still, lost my energy :o(, hope to carry on with it soon :o) hopefully.
xx Jackie xx

14 Sep, 2012


Really enjoyed your blog and photos. During the last year I have been digging holes in parts of my existing borders as plants not doing well. Amazed at how many broken bricks, bits of glass, broken pots I got out. Louby.

14 Sep, 2012


It is quite a big stool Essex girl. Hack at it a bit at a time and you will win in the end. You are doing very well. Let us know when Barry has arrived in Oz!

15 Sep, 2012


LOL I'll get Barry to send you a post card LOL :o))))))

16 Sep, 2012


Dorjac. :o)
I've added another Blog now, that Root is out, you'll see what we have been up to now.
Oh! He never arrived in Oz! Took a wrong turn and ended up back here LOL :o)))))))

3 Aug, 2013

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