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"A Raised Bed & a New Step"+Waterfall+++


Well, another revamp……
My Hubby Barry has now retired so he now helps me in the garden, about time too, well sometimes anyway LOL
He has mad me a raised bed to grow veggies in also we changed the stepp’s down to a big stepping area, we had to dig a big dead Ceanothus root out first, it took quite a few days to get it out, after digging deeply round it we got a scaffold pole under it and I sat on the other end and Whooo! It gave way and I ended up in a heap on the ground LOL, thats right, have a Good Laugh LOL, Barry raised the bead with New Railway Sleepers also used Railway Sleepers for the steps down, paved the large step, not finish yet so watch this space.

Area before we started…..

After I cleared the site of most of the shrubs Barry went to work with the Railway Sleepers.

Coming along ok.

In pic below you can see the old steps.

Now to start the New step down

First time Barry has attempted laying slabs, not a bad job, as I said, we still have to finish off but we are waiting for cooler weather.
I had to sort my pond out as well as there was a leak, it was the waterfall, so I’ve revamped that to.

Plus I’ve tidied round the side of the Summer House so I haven’t been slacking so far this year LOL

Now I’ve gotta tidy up the garden LOL.

Oh! And finish of round the side & the back of the Summer House……

No Peace for the Wicked LOL
xx Jackie xx

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Wow, you HAVE been busy haven't you. It will look great when finished I am sure, in the meantime I like the paved area. A good job done there.

3 Aug, 2013


Nice to hear from you...long time, no hear! I love growing some veg, even though it has it's problems but at this time of year it feels great to be harvesting.
I've never used raised beds but They are very popular now and a good way to be able to grow in good soil especially if you have heavy clay like me, along the lad from you!
You'd done well, especially in the hot weather we've been having, to get all that done!

3 Aug, 2013


Like the new steps Barry has made a good job of them, good luck with the rest of the work, hope it all gets done whilst the weather is cooler.....

4 Aug, 2013


Cinderella. Thank You, I will be glad when we have finished, Barry has done well with his first laying of Brick & Slabs, of course I was the Brains behind it all LOL, you see I come from a builders family so I had to guide him a little :o)

Paulthegard. Mmmm! Paul, Nice to know Iv'e have been missed, busy life I lead, looking after Mum she's 91yrs, looking after Hubby, Dog Pebbles, Garden & Home LOL.
I designed what I wanted Barry to do & he got on with it, with my help of course, he is more into making things out of wood being a Cabinet Maker by trade also he makes Pens & Picture Frames. The Raised Bed I dug over, added Top Soil then Farm Yard Manure
I haven't had time to put many veggies in yet, just some Maze & 3 Tomato Plants, will do more next year when I will have more time.

Lincslass. Yes! The Step is lovely, I'll be able to put a couple of chairs there and sit & relax sometimes.
I hope the weather will be kind to us for the weeks ahead as there is still a lot more to do, He! He! 'Me' and my projects, I'll never go mad LOL

Thanks for you Comments by the way :o))
xx Jackie xx

4 Aug, 2013


Only just seen this for some reason - just wanted to congratulate Barry on the slabs!

13 Dec, 2013


Thank You Steragram :o))

14 Dec, 2013


Lots of hard work but will be well rewarded when it al is complete.

16 Dec, 2013


Going to wait till the spring now as Barry has been busy putting a shed up where the greenhouse used to be, Ha! We'll never go mad here LOL.
I will add a Blog later to the all change.

16 Dec, 2013

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