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I have been trying to come up with an idea of covering my pond with netting that looks more attractive as an Egret had come down near to the pond which my husband chased off, I was amazed to see one of those, usually we see the larger Herons about, I have taken old plants out & added some new plants.
Here are a few pics of before & after :o))
What do you think :o))

Old Fencing & Netting looking Messy

I bought some plastic tubing & drove some steel rods into the ground & slid the tubing over the rods so to make an arched tunnel, then I put the netting over the top, I will be able to draw the netting back when I’m sitting by the pond :o))

I still have some more work to do on this project, more plants and a clean up.
Ha! I am being extra careful as I’ve had a few falls in the garden lately, one was a fence giving way due to it being rotten, it gave way & I went with it & ended up in my neighbours garden LOL so being around the pond I don’t want to end up swimming around with the fish LOL

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It's a good idea and I hope it works. I know how one can lose all the pond fish practically overnight!

Sorry to hear about your fall. Accidents happen in the house and garden and can have serious consequences. I certainly would avoid the pond on wet and, possibly, slippery days. Keep some water wings nearby!! :O)

5 Sep, 2018


Hope your neighbours didn't mind you dropping in!
That looks like a great job you did there, Jackie. Are the egrets and herons seasonal visitors? My neice bought a plastic crocodile to ward off the pteradactyls (herons) who were feasting on her expensive koi.

5 Sep, 2018


The property is empty Lori, I stuck there for quite a while as there was no one to help me up ;o((
I will tell the new people that the fox done it LOL
Re the pond, I don’t think the Egret or Heron would know what a Crocodile looked like here LOL
Eirlys. I am accident waiting to happen these days, I’m not as sure footed as I used to be, a few trips up paving slabs that I was putting in the lawn as a path, I damaged a Bursa Sack in my right hip that plays me up, so do watch where your walking & be careful:o)) He! He! I have two life saving rings by the pond LOL xx

5 Sep, 2018


I guess it's a North American thing then, Jackie. In the swamps of Florida the alligators and/or crocs are the one serious predator of swamp birds. It worked for my neice because the herons wouldn't come any closer than peering down from the garage roof...looking longingly at the koi but afraid of the 'gator! lol....

5 Sep, 2018


I think it looks nice :)

5 Sep, 2018


It looks lovely my friend years ago place a metal grid where you can see your fish on top of her pond to prevent this happening.

5 Sep, 2018


Adamant monsters Herons aren't they? Just won't go away. Have tried all the usual, one Heron, Pair of Herons, wires, strings, but it still comes back. So now resorted to a disgusting, untidy netting over the pond while we wait for the pond man to come and re-do the whole thing. We have even seen it balanced on the top of the pond pumps! We had two side by side and it had one leg on each! Someone told me the other day that if you lay your plastic Heron down and paint a bit of red on it, it looks as if it's dead and puts any others off. Sounds a bit iffy to me - how big a brain has a Heron got, would it compute all that idea?
I think a metal grid would just give the Heron somewhere to stand while he waited to stab through at the fish. Though I have seen these over ponds where there is a problem with Otters - that one doesn't bear thinking about.

6 Sep, 2018


We once invested in plastic circular "rings" that interlocked and we placed these over the pond surface. Couldn't see the fish then and the water lilies seemed to suffer so we took them off. Not sure if they deterred the heron.

We have pond weed hiding our fish at the moment and I can't see them. Other Half did see a heron flying over though. It had better watch out. Our Younger Son is a crack shot!

I do find I choose shoes now that have soles that grip, Lady Essex1. Flyflots are effective even on icy paths!

6 Sep, 2018


Thanks for all that looked at my post, good to hear all about your ponds too, so far all is well with what I erected, I like the tunnel look of it too, it makes a nice feature in the garden as well :o))
Re-the plastic herons, I was told to remove them while Herons are mating as they come down to see if it is female LOL, how true it is I don't know?

15 Sep, 2018


Is this still working almost 2 years on?

22 May, 2020

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