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My hubby has had Key Hole Hernia Op & is unable to help me with all the things that he takes care of like this hedge but I needed to get it done while we are having some nice weather, he couldn’t do it before the op and definitely can’t do it now as he is having problems after the op so……..I put my gardening gloves on got the Small Cordless Bosch hand held trimmer out & set to work on trimming some bushes & then the hedge LOL, here’s the pic of the hedge when I had finished, only needed to do up to the end of the van as the rest had been done a while back :o))
Ha! Ha! Not Perfect LOL

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I think its brillliant - well done indeed! Best wishes to OH for a speedy recovery.

16 Oct, 2018


Thank You for my Hubby Barry's Best Wishes Steragram xx

16 Oct, 2018


hope Barry will be back and fully 'operational' in the garden after his op. did a brilliant job but don't do it perfectly or it will always be your job :o)

18 Oct, 2018


I think that looks great! Agree with Seaburn. Sometimes it pays not to be an expert!!

18 Oct, 2018


I never thought of that - you crafty pair...

18 Oct, 2018


Ha! Ha! You have made me have a good laugh, Barry doesn't like gardening, he prefers to be in his workshop making things, by trade he id a Cabinet Maker, he has made some awesome furniture for our lounge also for my Mum who lives downstairs in the house my Dad had made into two flats Brother Steuart is a builder & did most of the work with extending it :o))
I'll put a pic in pictures of the Oak(Not English Oak) as that would cost an arm & a leg LOL, TV cabinet he made, it's mainly held together with glue, biscuits & hand made tongue & groove, no nails, there are some screws by the draws incase the draw slides wear out & need replacing, he used to live in Wales with his late wife & made Welsh Dressers and there used to be a demand in people wanting them LOL.
Anyway he will always help with the digging out of a shrub that is too much for me but mainly the gardening is up to me :o(( at least I can do as I please out there LOL. x

23 Oct, 2018


Biscuits???? No tea?
I've looked at the picture - it must be wonderful to be able to produce something so professional

24 Oct, 2018


I have a funnyish anecdote about biscuits. my youngest girl at about age 5 was hiding in oh workshop after being told off for something. she was/is a brilliant sulker [takes after her dad haha] and decided she'd eat one of the funny shaped biscuits. I could hear the crying so went to investigate. I asked what was up and she said the biscuits were 'orrid'. puzzled I asked where were daddy's biscuits and she pointed to the box of joint biscuits. he'd just written on the box 'biscuits' and she'd recognised the word. served her right really but we do still tease her about that. both girls have mistakenly eaten inedible stuff. OH was/is very good at putting solvents in a locked cupboard and if decanted into other bottles labels them appropriately.

furniture is gorgeous :o)

24 Oct, 2018

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