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My Name is Jackie Townsend. I live in the S/E of England not to far from London, a place called Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. My Back Garden is approx 60ftx60ft, Front Garden is big and set to a large driveway and garden infront of the windows and front door, I will have to measure it one day lol, I'm the one who tries to maintain the garden, I'm finding a bit hard going now as there is sometimes heavy lifting involved because of my revamps. My Husband give's me a hand with anything I can't manage, like cutting the odd tree down & getting the roots up
I'm into Photography (still learning) One of my camera's is a Nikon D7100 which I love but I'm still trying to work some of the bit's & pieces out on it Duh! I'm a bit slow on taking thing's in. I have been useing my Finepix S9600 to put pic's on here. I love posting now to friends in Canada & France.
All for now. Jackie x
(Born Jan 12th 1949)
Update..... We now have a "Shih tzu" Named "Pebbles" She was born on the 10th Jan 2010 Ha! Have my work cut out for me now, early mornings, late nights, wee's & poo to clean up LOL
Gardening Forever, Housework Whenever :O))))

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