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Here are some photos of what is coming up in my yard. There are a lot, so I apologize if it gets boring :)

The first collection is plants we thought wouldn’t be coming back this year.

Here are a couple ferns we thought were goners… they started poking up about a week and 1/2 ago and look how big they are now!

This bleeding heart never got bigger than a stem last year, we didn’t think it’d come back :) No flowers, but at least a plant..

This clematis hasn’t gotten above 6 inches the past two years, but looks like it’s giving a good go this year…

This Heuchera got attacked by MY rake (oops) earlier this spring. I thought I killed it for sure. It’s still not looking good, but has two huge new leaves, which I take as a good sign.

….. Alright, I think that’s it for my “thought they were dead” category.. The rest are just pictures of things coming up this time of the year (the pics were taken today actually.)

Flower buds (what color will they be? I don’t remember! haha) from a

geranium? (I believe) here is the full plant.

Here is a very leafy hollyhock. It will be a beauty, though (if you can get past that weedy looking foliage!)

There is Ben, my DH, tucking and training a clematis..

to grow around and cover the rain barrel..

There are irises coming up all over the yard.. this is exciting because they didn’t flower the last two years :)

(Also these are some hostas courtesy of my neighbors! Big thanks to them!)

Here are some more hostas from them :)

And then some more in front of the shed…

What else is blooming or soon will be?

The redtwig dogwood is getting ready to bloom…

My weigela is starting to bloom…

heres a closer look..

The azalea is putting on a neon pink show..

let’s peak in closer…

The bees are loving these flowers.. I believe the plant is ajuga…

Here is a panned out view of the front bed… buzzing with life this past week…

Sweet Autumn clematis is making it’s way up the column..

joined by a summer blooming variety on the other column… this one didn’t get higher than a foot last year, so the progress is looking okay so far…

Here is the bed on the other side of the porch.. it’s gets most shade in the summer, so a lot of hostas live in this bed..

Here are some more hostas… what do you think of that dwarf alberta spruce going there??

There are some climbing roses planted a few weeks ago..

Here is some silver mound (artemisia schmidtiana).. the parent plant was divided earlier this spring into about 6 separate plants…

Here is my pieris.. I had to clip out some dead growth (courtesy of the neighbor’s dog I believe), so now it has a bald side.

My variegated hydrangea is becoming solid… I know I should cut off that solid bit, but the growth looks so much better than the variegated bit… ???

Here is the porch view of that bed.

The lilac is just about done blooming..

here is another variety of fern we have in the back yard..

and another heuchera variety..

This second year peony looks like it is doing okay..

Looky here.. a rabbit has made a nest in our bed.. since we have the veg garden fenced, I’m not worried about that..

but the rabbit put her nest conveniently right by this strawberry plant that is flowering… oh no!

The rhubarb I planted earlier this spring has peeked through..

Here is our grape vine.. i guess it is a bit of an espalier..

onions and lettuce doing okay…

The tomatoes and beans were the only veggies that were affected by the hail today (it was just a minute or so of hail during the storm).

The peppers were seeded over the weekend, also some transplants… I hope the seeds didn’t get washed away :/

Here are some snow peas that are growing in the front… I don’t think we got them out early enough…

I will end on this happy elephant.. this isn’t his permanent home… we are moving him around the yard til we can find a place that suits him.

Thanks for visiting!! I can’t wait to be able to show blooms on all the plants, but I got so excited with all the budding that I couldn’t wait. :)

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Laine ... this is a lovely blog ...
lots of interesting photos and captions...
well done on growing so many interesting plants...
... garden looking great ...
elephant looking very happy ! :o)

11 May, 2011


Lovely pictures Laine.
The plant you think is a geranium in the 5th pic looks more like an Aquilegia, going by its foliage, do you have different Geraniums to us over here ?

The reverting Hydrangeas strong growth will override the variegated though, it'll get stronger whilst the variegated gets weaker :-(
Prune it off and pot it up !

11 May, 2011


That has to be thte cutest shed i've ever seen!

Your garden's going to look lovely once all those plants have grown and established, well done!

11 May, 2011


Great pictures, lots of very happy plants there too :))))

11 May, 2011


Thanks for the nice comments everybody.

Terra - Thanks! Your blogs are always so cute. I though about doing a story, but I don't think I'm as creative as you!

Louise - It was labeled as a geranium at a home plant sale the year before last. Most of our geraniums here are annuals with just a few perennials. I didn't think it looked like one though. Thanks for the plant ID.

Donna - My DH built the shed :) What a handy man. We are going to plant around it, but there is quite a bit of clay and standing water...

Michaella - Thanks for the comment :)

11 May, 2011


Great blog Lainedru, lots of things on the move, which is always good to see after winter! Love the shed! Ben is really in deep concentration there and making a fine job I have to say!

I would agree with Louise about the plant in picture 5 its definitely an Aquilegia!

You asked about the spruce! Those hosta's are going to grow quite large and will push up against the spruce and you'll not be able to see all the host leaves! if it were my garden I'd move one or the other for more room!

11 May, 2011


Hello Lainedru! Gosh haven't things changed! And you were so sad at nothing happening in your garden...and now look! Lovely! Bad news! You are going to have to cut that non-variegated branch off your Hydrangea, if you do as Louise says and make a cutting of it, then you'll have two! Give the variegated one a bit of a feed too, it may be a bit hungry, with it having leaves that aren't totally green, it doesn't make as much food for itself by photosynthesis through it's leaves, so after the long winter it could probably do with a wee dinner!
Aren't those hostas magnificent! And I can't understand why your neighbours would want rid of theirs, I know they don't like them, but are they bonkers?! Anyhoo, their loss is your gain, it was very nice of them to give them to you!
It's all looking fab, Lainedru, lovely to hear from you!

12 May, 2011


This is a lovely blog, and I love the way you have a rain barrel and we have a water butt! Much prefer your description. The shed is so pretty, but why the one green bottle appearing to hang in mid-air? lol! Those Clems. will look fabulous when they're climbing up the pillars and I love your neon pink azalea. Is the Grapevine ornamental or edible please? You must be so pleased with the way everything is growing well now. : o ))

13 May, 2011


Shirley - Sorry it took so long to answer your question.. I haven't been on the site in a while. The grapevine is edible, although it hasn't produced more than 2 bunches (last year). There is a lot of new growth now, so I am hoping for more. (fingers crossed). Yes, I think I prefer rain barrel over water butt. haha.

Look for my new blog today. I'm gonna post some more pics of the clematis and other things :)

4 Jun, 2011


Good luck with the vine this season, Lainedru. Off to look for your latest blog . . . .

4 Jun, 2011

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