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Roxie and Me....


By Leo


Hey sorry everyone. Been off the radar for a while. Just busy with the usual. My border x patterdale terrier pup Roxie is growing well, 5 months old now and certainly keeping me busy!!! A few bad habits to iron out. My poor patio garden has suffered somewhat as she has taken a liking to soil! There are some plants she has left alone though i.e. Charlie the Cactus (I wonder why..!?) but it looks like I am going to have my hands full sorting out the garden as soon as the weather is better.

We’ve been out for a very long walk today (2 hours in total, there, around and back home again!!) to Avenham/Miller Park in Preston. Has recently had an overhaul and I was very surprised at how lovely the park is once again.

There are many nooks and crannies too and I wish the battery in my camera hadn’t failed me as I could have been snapping away all day.

Well, I am rather tired now and Roxie needs another walk before bath and bed. Take care and hope to be back online more regularly.

Leo xx (& Roxie says woofety woo to you)

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Uh-oh, Roxie, I see a few training sessions coming up for you, girl! You will have to behave yourself - now be a good little dog and leave mum's plants alone! LOL.

I bet she enjoyed her walk, though, didn't she?

1 Feb, 2009


Hello Leo and Roxie. Glad to hear from you again. Roxie, have you been a naughty girl?
That looks a lovely place where you went for your walk.

2 Feb, 2009


That looks a lovely place you went. Pitty your bateries went flat.

2 Feb, 2009


You could try and save your garden by building Roxie a digging pit. Build a boxed area and fill with sand or soil. Bury toys/treats/chews ~ interesting dog stuff! Show her the treasure trove and encourage her to dig. Finding those 'rewards' makes it more interesting than digging elsewhere! Remember to replace what she digs up and change what you bury to keep her interest.
You can't stop the digging instinct so it's easier to re-direct it.
Good luck!

2 Feb, 2009


Thanks for all your comments.

I may have to take up your suggestion, Potty Gardener. Although unfortunately my back yard isnt that big. I may have to sacrifice some pot space !!

Don't worry Hywel, I plan to go back to the park this weekend with my camera charged and ready for action. Hoping to get some better pics of Roxie too although she never stays still long enough for a good shot!

Roxie enjoyed the bit of snow that she got to see this morning. We never get much here in my part of Lancashire so it was only an inch or so deep. Still, she had a good explore in it.

L x

2 Feb, 2009


It doesn't have to be very big Leo, depth is the key so she can get a good dig going!!

2 Feb, 2009


Oh I'll look forward to seeing your photos then :o)

2 Feb, 2009

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