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Hurry up, Spring!


By Lindsay


I’ve been champing at the bit for some time now, just itching to get going in the garden. My lawn has no doubt suffered terribly because I’ve been wandering up and down the garden tramping all over it whenever I’ve had a few spare moments and the weather has been relatively okay, looking for jobs to do. I only have a small garden so there’s not much to do yet. Yesterday I had the day off work, it was sunny first thing so as soon as all the boring indoor jobs were done, out I went. First of all I tackled my overgrown miscanthus. Too big, too heavy, couldn’t budge it so in the end had to give up. Soooo didn’t want to go back in so looked around for something else to do….decided I’d give the hedge a trim. Needless to say such a spur-of-the-moment decision was not a particularly wise one, I hoped that there was enough charge left in the battery for my trimmers and of course there wasn’t. So I now have half a neat hedge and half still looking a bit wild and straggly. Hmmm. Very attractive. Hope the weather’s good this weekend! What I really really REALLY want to do is bring my little plastic greenhouse out of hibernation and put it up again but with the cold windy weather we’re having at the moment there seems little point. By this afternoon however, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer, I just HAD to sow some seeds! Tomatoes, parsley, thyme and lettuce, I’ll put them all on a windowsill for now in the hope that by the time they’ve germinated I can safely get my little greenhouse out to keep them cosy.

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I know the feeling. It is jolly cold here at the moment with snow again today. There is a drastic change forecast at the weekend and by next week we may have temperatures in the upper teens. I get the feeling that all the plants are holding back ready to burst forth next week, and so are the weeds!!!
I'm not sure whet the UK forecast is but hopefully you are going tp see an improvement soon.

26 Mar, 2008


Rather wet at the mo Chris, but suprizingly quite mild after the snow we had at the weekend! and i know just how you feel Lindsay, i only have a smallish garden but i have invested in a polycarbonate greenhouse, it's only small but big enough to stand in, i have loads starting nicely in there. and it's a bit more stable than the plastic ones. its a bit like see through plastic corigated cardboard, so it turns the slightest little bit of sun into heat, quite clever me thinks! so i have had stuff in there for a quite a few week now. well worth the investment i would say, i think you can also get cold frames made form this stuff.

26 Mar, 2008

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