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May 2013


By Lori


As predicted Jack Frost hadn’t finished with us yet..last night we had several degrees of frost. Spring frost seems to have the opposite effect that autumn frosts have. In autumn the cold brings on dormancy but spring frost works the reverse. This morning I thought I had lost several tulips which had yet to bloom…and some of my perennials which had ventured a shoot or a bud looked watery green and droopy. By this afternoon the temps were warm and the sun revived them and I’m happy to say that they look fine now. Oddly the one plant that I would never have expected to be affected was the rhus..sumach. There are plenty of extra buds this may not be a tragedy…but it looks so sad and limp.

The daphs and tulips are perking again…

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I have a collection of new plants to show for it …Thanks to my husband and sons! Lucky me! I have a mint julep juniper, a Silverleaf dogwood, a T.Bugnet Rose (rugosa type) and fifteen roots of Iris pseudacorus for the stream.

this is the spot I have picked for them.

When I have the water gate finished and complete the water iris will be planted along the streambank (on the right, in the picture).

The violet roots (Freckles) which I brought from the other garden are providing cover for the emerging clems. I think only two plants survived the other bed..they are now nearer to the rose and much nearer to the house. (Warsaw Nike and Exmoor) Gillian Blades didn’t make it thro the cold winter.

It is very early days for my garden…perennials are just emerging and the bulbs have been slow to start in this coldest of springs. I’ve been busy as a gopher digging spots for shrubs and plants. I have three new garden beds and a newly developed area plan and each of the last three springs has brought more work than I expected. Might be spreading myself a bit thin as I have too many irons in the fire, but it’s all progress. Often wonder if it will ever be “finished” to my satisfaction. It’s a good keeps me thinking and planning…with a reason to get up every morning.

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What a lovely garden area to work with ! Everyone on
Goy site would love the stream in their garden I am sure.
Good luck, and may it warm up for you soon - and us !

15 May, 2013


I thought only the UK gets unpredictable weather, it is so annoying, isn't it!

15 May, 2013


The weather here doesn't know which season we are in Lori, today is like a dull dark day in November, thank goodness for spring borders and apple blossom, your garden looks a treat and no you will never finish, Lori....

15 May, 2013


love the streambank Lori and its all comming along nicely, i would love to waken to all that space every morning and plan, i dont think you will ever get bored Lori with your surroundings and plenty to keep you busy :o))

15 May, 2013

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