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Sunday and Monday, April 15 and 16, 2018


By Lori


I hope you’ll forgive me for this; sharing helps.

It started with rain, became ice pellets..then became snow. After the blizzard it became freezing rain. the temperatures fluctuated between plus 1 or 2 and minus 5 as day turned to night and the precip continued to accumulate. In the gathering gloom the power went off… and standing in the dark wondering where I put the candles…I saw six deer in the evening light almost at our front door.

This terrible weather had driven them to contact with people.. in hope of finding food. The pictures were taken in total darkness and I was surprised that the light of the falling snow made it possible to see them, but only as shadows. The last picture is of a mother doe with her fawn. Sorry about the quality of the image. I knew if I tried the flash it would end the encounter.
I’ve been feeding the birds too. Had goldfinches, and crows along with all the usual suspects. I’m worried for the robins who are usually nesting or starting nests at this time. They can’t get to the earthworms under 6 inches of snow! It’s so wet along with it… poor things.

The snow shows me all the limbs that have fallen…and the weight of the ice and snow promises more.
I’ve been thinking that the last 5 years has been a continuous assault on the forest and the forest creatures.
The long range forecast for eastern Ontario promises warmer temps..and maybe even some sun! More snow for Southern Ontario.
What do you think? is it the volcanoes or good old climate change?

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oh dear Lori.
in my opinion it is climate change but it is being accelerated by events like volcanoes and of course our burning of fossil fuels.

We are forecast warm weather up in the low 20c 's . considering it has been in the 5-10c range it is quite a jump.

Stay safe and warm.

17 Apr, 2018


It will be long after our demise before people will know Lori. Solar activity, volcanic activity, natural climate-changes, man-made climate idea. But its dreadful for those trying to live and work on the land. Last week someone said to me that things tend to balance, so we ‘should’ be in for a long, hot summer! But I’m not counting any chickens on that score. Those poor deer. I am so glad we have fed the birds this winter because I dont know how else they would have survived. Hang in there Lori. X

17 Apr, 2018


Beautiful but sad images. Birds and animals are having a tough time it's obvious.

Seasons have changed here in the UK and, like you, we have been feeding the birds. What worries me is how few there seem to be around at the moment. Nesting boxes are empty.

A Canadian friend posted that coyotes had come nearer her home than usual because of the weather.

17 Apr, 2018


Stunning scenic photo s Lori even though this weather can become so depressing long term. I feel for the wild life.

17 Apr, 2018


Have given you a Like for the photo Lori but not for the bad news. You have had a lot to survive this winter. Its so sad to see the wildlife suffering like that.

17 Apr, 2018


So sorry Lori that you are having such bad weather. It always looks so beautiful in photos but living with it is a different matter. Hard on you and the wildlife. Fingers crossed that spring comes very soon for you.

18 Apr, 2018


Thanks ladies... It helps to share. Yesterday, (Wed.) was warmer and we saw the sun for about 20 minutes in the afternoon.'s zero degrees and snowing. The warmweather forecast keeps getting pushed back..and back. "Plus one on the weekend!" laugh or cry.

19 Apr, 2018


Wonderful to see the wild deer :)

19 Apr, 2018


We had snow for about 2 weeks in December, and that was enough for me for me. One night was -13. Luckily the Beast from the East more or less missed us. Only ones who enjoyed the snow was my 2 dogs. Luckily it seems spring has arrived here. Have everything crossed that it arrives soon for you.

20 Apr, 2018


Some deer round here are townies. They have a tunnel under the motorway and reach the grassy parts between the houses on a large council estate. They calmly graze, even the stag hangs around to supervise his harem. They have been on tele several times.

20 Apr, 2018


Hi Lori, I put a like for the photo's as Stera did. The last two days here have been overly hot, so I have started moaning already as I can't stand the heat. Warm - is lovely, even hot with a breeze is OK, but when it's just hot and sweltering that's it for me.
I do hope that the weather changes for you and the birds and animals soon, so strange these days.
But having said that the Victorians had a time when the Thames froze and they had Fairs on it, so perhaps it's that far back that the temperature went into a hiccup.
Amazing Dorjac that the deer have got so used to modern life and come so close, lovely providing the moronic portion of the population leave them alone.

20 Apr, 2018


i believe it was 1816, Honeysuckle. The island of Tambora in Indonesia erupted and the dust cloud circled the earth a few times. Making it cold and wet in the northern hemisphere, with no summer to speak of. This year there has been snow in Rome, which is pretty strange too. So many extremes, one after the other.
I hope we get a nice summer out of it all!

22 Apr, 2018


I hope your weather has warmed up a bit Lori. All over the world it seems that floods, terrible hurricanes and typhoons are causing a lot of suffering. Now that bad news flies so fast around the planet we hear very quickly of the latest heatwave or inundation by those big rivers in Asia and the Americas. When you are having to suffer prolonged cold it brings it home to you. We longed for our exceptionally cold dreary winter to end.

26 Apr, 2018


Today is forecast to be our first in the 20 degrees C. range since last September, Dorjac. Suddenly I have a lot of raking and cleaning up to do! We're due for some "warm" rain in the coming week, so I'll see the crocuses popping out! Can't wait.

1 May, 2018

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