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"Oh the weather outside is frightful...."


By Lori


“But the fire is so delightful…”

“and since we’ve no place to go,

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

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Threat of snow looming for this weekend. I'm not ready for it yet. Oh no!

5 Dec, 2018


We've been getting snow/rain/freezing rain for about a week now... finally we are out of supplies and must make the trip to town. Every autumn for the last five I've had a horrible feeling... "I'm not ready for this!" just as you say. so as another GoYer has said: "Roll on Spring". :-)

6 Dec, 2018


Oh! Lori, will it be like that all the way through to Spring now? I suppose your plants are sleeping peacefully under their snow blanket, unless the get dug up by your foraging deer.
Meanwhile keep warm and dream of next spring.

6 Dec, 2018


I like your imaginative post! I think your experience of snow and ours is somewhat different.
I was marooned earlier in the year by 3 foot drifts. My OH in hospital at that time saw only the pretty side of snow: a sprinkling on the roof tops: very picturesque! Amazing the difference a few miles can make.
( When I had Canadian friends they always bought food in BULK!)

Your glowing fire certainly looks delightful.

7 Dec, 2018


Yes, Honey and Eirlys... we have Jolly January and Bold February...and unpredictable March to come yet. The snow usually doesn't melt until late March. On Feb. 2nd. we have Groundhog Day.
If the little rodents come out of their burrows and see their shadow they will retreat for six more weeks of winter sleep... but if they do not see their shadow..Spring is early! All up the eastern side of N. A. there are groundhog festivals... and everybody enjoys the chance to celebrate whatever the groundhogs prognostications might be...and forget about the cold for a day or two. I know in some parts of the UK the growing season, or planting season, starts in early February (St. Brigid's ?) but here in Canada we're still suffering. lol... I'd love to experience a winter like the UK has.
We have several bulk chain stores...and I have many acquaintances who "bulk up" every year... lol. In more ways than one! Our winters are fine for younger active people but as I've aged, I've lost the joy of if. sorry to be a Grinch...but there it is. :-)

7 Dec, 2018


Snow disrupts all the travel round Christmas. It looks good tho'.

7 Dec, 2018


Your weather looks cold and crisp, not damp and miserable like ours, and of course you are geared up for seasonal snow.

8 Dec, 2018


I like the middle photo, looks nice and cosy :)

9 Dec, 2018


Linda: If only it was gone earlier... six months seems like cruel and unusual punishment.
Siris: It gets harder to "gear up" every year...
Hywel: Agree wholeheartedly... and I remember every muscle spasm, every slivvered finger, and cold nose in the process of arriving at this comfort zone. thought, at first to get a pic of Rhy by the fire...but he's leary of the fire..and that's a good thing.

14 Dec, 2018

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