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Quick check in... it's been a year.


By Lori


Interesting how things can change over the space of a year or two.
I’m still in the same place, bewildered by the changes I’ve seen over the last 10 years, and wondering if it’s aging that’s caused my changes in momentum and focus ~ or the changes in weather and society?
we recently had a bad storm that brought down some of the trees on the property… it’s a mess and on the occasion of the first decent (although relatively cold) spring we’ve had for a decade. I haven’t rushed right out there because I don’t think I’d last five minutes with the chainsaw… but the perennials are up and doing and the changes wrought by the prohibitions of the COVID have increased our bird and insect (beneficial) population, life is still interesting. … Or is it that since things are less restricted it’s going back to the same old smog and pollution as before.. ? wish we could collectively learn how to live the “sustainable” life but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.
Anyway, just wanted to say “Hi!” to acquaintances I’ve made over the last 14 years on GoY. Hope you are all doing well and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s up with you.

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well hello you. lovely to hear from you again. The garden is looking good Lori.

same old same old here except both my girls are getting married, eldest in October, youngest in April.

22 Jun, 2022


Nice to see you here again Lori, your Peonies are beautiful :)

22 Jun, 2022


Welcome back, Lori. Your garden is beautifully green. I don't think you're the only one to be confused by what's been going on over the last few years...

22 Jun, 2022


Hi again Lori! Good to see you back. Don't rush the tidy up - everyone here will agree its a job that will wait patiently for you!

22 Jun, 2022


Lovely to see you back on the site again, Lori. I'm sorry to hear you've suffered some adverse weather, it can really cause much damage as you've obviously had to endure.
I do hope you and your family are all ok? It's definitely been a surreal, sad and scary time in the past 2 years.
Your peonies are glorious and a perfect pink!

22 Jun, 2022


Hi there Lori, Its good to see you on here again although I did know you were alright, don't you go at it with that chainsaw, you scared me half to death years ago with some of your antics..
Going around in circles here as regards Covid, it certainly is not going away, daughter works in the same city as our main hospital,12miles from home, they apparently have gone back to enforcing the ruling on the wearing of face masks at all times due to the increase of people being admitted again because of this darn virus...Lovely to see photo's Lori...xx

28 Jun, 2022


Hi there old friend. Sorry for being so tardy but I am not often on GOY anymore, so good to hear you're ok and so is your garden by the looks of it, lovely that maturing process isn't it? Not for us though!! I lost my enjoyment of gardening...however not all bad as I this month made the decision to get rid of grass and have a gravel garden...I know! But the wind has been progressively getting stronger since we moved to this spot on the hill and I got so sick of my plants being swept out of the garden, roots and all, of broken and just destroyed treasures. So now I'm in the process of making a kind of low growing gravel garden, a là Beth Chatto. We will see how that pans out. I might even put a few pics on here as you have done. Btw I did use the chainsaw this summer but mine is electric so not quite as heavy as yours. Enough said about covid, I won't add to it x

13 Oct, 2022

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