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starting from scratch


i have 7 acres to play with and have never been so excited. i have started quite a few plants from seed already in my house. tomatoes, peppers, herbs and some perrennials. i want to put a large veggie garden in the back of the acreage, away from the wind. i have a lot of deer coming and going right now in our acreage, so it’ll be fun to keep them out of the gardens. right now we still have snow on the ground, so i think i’m getting gardening fever… planning and scheming is a good way to keep me busy.

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It's the best time to plan. We started from scratch 3 years ago and the winter was spent making plans, consulting experts, and in our case hiring a firm to come and clear the land and put in a framework of a path and patio, which started as soon as the weather warmed up in March. We did the rest, creating beds and planting. Mind you they took ages to finish so we were not able to start on the real garden until July of that year.
All the best with your new venture.

26 Mar, 2008


there are plans for a large deck wrapping two sides of the house, and a private deck off the master bedroom. and we are planting pine trees right away to give a visual block from the neightbouring acreage. also are plans for a shop and a main outside fire pit. i imagine i will be moving flowers around for a while to come...good thing i love native plants and lots of bulbs and perennials.

26 Mar, 2008


Sounds like the beginning of an adventure...will look forward to seeing your progress... Happy Gardening.
Like your attitude to deer, by-the-way.

26 Mar, 2008

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