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By MikeC


Hello everyone, Some of you may remember that I put in a small pond in my back garden back in April. I must say that it has been very enjoyable to have a pond. If you have been thinking about adding a pond to your garden then I say DO IT ! You will be very happy that you did. My pond is quite small so it was very low maintenance all summer. All I did was clean the filter in my pump three times. This photo was taken in July.

During the summer two frogs took up residence in the pond. Here is one of the frogs sunning on a water cabbage.

Now that fall is here I started thinking about what would happen to the frogs this winter. My pond is only 14 inches deep so if the water were left in the pond the frogs would freeze to death. I want to thank Lori from Onterio for some good advice and information. THANKS LORI !

I decided that today was going to be moving day for the frogs. I hooked up a hose to my pump and started draining the pond. My two little frog friends kept coming up to the surface and they didn’t look too happy.

Once the water level was low I was able to net the frogs out and here they are in their transport bucket ready to travel to their new home.

Four houses down the street from me have a large natural pond behind their back yards. I spoke to one of my neigbors and asked if I could come through her yard to put the frogs in the pond. So off we went and here is a photo of the larger frog in the pond.

Here is what part of the pond looks like. I wouldn’t mind having the pond in my back yard at all. I feel so much better about knowing that my two little friends are going to be just fine.

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Well done Mike you now the Patron Saint of frogs.Great blog and lovely that you went to so much trouble for them.
Your pond is great has come on so well in such a short space of time and totally agree its probably the best single additon anyone can make to there garden.

If your area gets hot and dry do you call it Dusty Springfield?

22 Sep, 2008


Dusty Springfield ... Good one Bonkers :) I was told by some friends that I should go bigger on the pond when I spoke about putting one in. They said that I would want a larger one in a short while. Sure a huge pond would be great but I'm very happy with the size of this one. This one is very easy to maintain.

22 Sep, 2008


Its amazing just how a small amount of water will attract wildlife.Sid made one from a water cistern and it blends in so well now.If you happy and it looks this good then job done.

22 Sep, 2008


Wow Mikec its fantastic uv got so much wildlife going on in there & i bet the frogs love getting under those rocks ;)

22 Sep, 2008


Well done for looking after the frogs. I've always assumed that they know the right places to hibernate. When our wildlife pond was frozen last year I tried to make a hole in the ice near the edge so that the birds could get at some water. I succeeded in making a hole in the liner so I was not very popular.

22 Sep, 2008


Watch it, Mikec.
When Bonkers runs out of Dusty Springfield jokes, he'll move on to anything Simpsons.

22 Sep, 2008


Actually think you may be right Chris I was told that they only spend a small proportion of their time in water esp at breeding time .But nice that someone that concerned for them.

Simpsons passed me by more of a Flintstone man myself TT.

22 Sep, 2008


Barnie Rubble was the blond one.

22 Sep, 2008


Hello Saint Grenouille!! Glad you decided to take care of the lovely little guys! You're a softy, for sure.
Are you lifting the pond til next spring?

22 Sep, 2008


Glad you thought of the frogs.
Do you think they'll be back next year ?

23 Sep, 2008


I'm not sure Hywel. I'm thinking that they must have come from the area where I brought them in the first place. Unless a neighbor somewhere close to me also has a pond.

24 Sep, 2008


Your pond area is quite beautiful...I'm hoping to have one someday and it will also be small....

25 Sep, 2008


Nice blog and great results

28 Sep, 2008


Mike ~ What a lovely pond, no wonder the frogs didn't want to leave. We had a pond in our yard when I was growing up and we enjoyed it so much. Even when the blue heron, would fly down for a fish.

29 Sep, 2008


Lovely pond, and frogs, Mike!

29 Sep, 2008


Forgot to ask Mike your pic fills screen and looks really impressive anyone else see this or is it me after a few beers and medication?

29 Sep, 2008


BB ~
I see the large pic, before and after medication.
You're right. It does look good.
And that's despite Ajay's photo being inset in the lower right corner, and Lyd trying to jump up into the foliage !

30 Sep, 2008

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