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In my last blog I posted a photo of my shade house that I finished today and mentioned that it would be filled with Orchid Cactus, Dragon Fruit and Night Blooming Cereus by the end of April. Spritz commented that she didn’t recognize these plants and asked if they were available in the UK. I believe that they are and I thought I would give a brief description of them along with some photos.

The Orchid cactus that I speak of are Epiphylum. They are Hybrids of epiphytic cacti species native to the jungles of Central and South America. They are basically tree dwellers. My partner is the one who is really into these and he has a collection of about sixty different colors. The flowers can be six to 8 inches across on these. This is my favorite called Marie Antoinette.

This is a red flowered one and I’m not sure on the name. This photo also shows what the leaves look like.

The night Blooming Cereus is in the same family. Epiphyllum Oxypetalum and also originates from the jungles of Central and South America. The flowers are white and they give a very strong scent when they bloom. There is also one called Queen of the Night and the flowers are red. The flowers open after dark and only last the night. The flowers on these are also very large. This is a bud with a hand behind it to show the size of the buds.

This is the white flower.

This is the largest one that we have in flower on my patio last summer.

A close up of buds just getting ready to open. You can sit there and watch the flowers open very slowly. The plant branches actually move a little.

This is a flower half open.

And the same flower all the way open.

Sorry but I don’t have a photo of the Dragon Fruit. Pehaps if you are interested you could do a google search. Dragon Fruit, Hylocereus Undatus. It’s worth seeing. The plant looks like a Night Blooming Cerus and the flowers are similar to the white ones I just showed. The fruit can weigh up to three pounds and it is similar in taste to Kiwi. Many Chinese restaurants serve it.

All these plants are very easy to propogate. You take a leaf cutting and let it heal for about three to four days and then you place it in moist soil and water very little until you see growth. They love heat and humidity and so that’s why they do so well here as our summers can get very humid.

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Some nice pictures, they look like beautiful flowers.

4 Apr, 2008


Oh Wow, Mike - they are SOOO tropical! It makes my 'Christmas Cactus' look puny and boring next to yours! Lucky I like it...Thanks for the explanation.

4 Apr, 2008


Wow!!! Holy houseplants, batman!! But they are gorgeous Mike. No wonder you have the shade house. When I saw the photo I thought that it was quite roomy for a few cactus but now I understand why. I had no idea that these grew so large until I saw the hand/bloom for comparison. Funny, we sell dragonfruit at the store where I work, but I never even thought of what sort of plant it came from.Thanks for all the details; I have a newfound respect for these guys!

4 Apr, 2008


Thanks for the blog Mike...they are truly amazing!
My three little cuttings are really taking off...I'm putting the pot outdoors in the same spot I had it last summer.
it gets sun up to about noon...then in shade the rest of the daylight hours...
My cousin, who gave me the cuttings..has hers in a sunroom...the pot is on a specially built ledge near the ceiling...gets pretty warm up there and the epiphyllum just love it!...She sent me the picture of the red blossom.
Have to check back with her and see how hers is doing..It is Huge...
Keep posting...following with interest!!

4 Apr, 2008


Worth the shadehouse, Mike! The flowers are wonderful! - out of this world, in fact. Love the patio pic. I can "see" us sitting there, drinks in hands, enjoying the view,scent, etc.,Brilliant! Well done, guys!

5 Apr, 2008


Hi Mike new to the site this month in UK noticed you clicked you liked my dovecote.Thank you say you like the English cottage garden effect.Pity we not closer as have the cottage but not the garden.With your skills welcome to put them into practice here!Oh not sure if you familiar with term bonkers = crazy. Some of my blogs will confirm this.

10 Apr, 2008


I sure hope my Orchid cactus will produce more blooms.
I sure thank you for telling me thats what it is as most of the pics I see are of the blooms only. thats why I thought it was a night blooming Cereus. Just wishful thinking..
Yours are so beautiful.

29 Jun, 2008

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