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Mike C's Blog 12 - Counting Our Blessings


By MikeC


Hello everyone, As I walked around my back garden today which seems to have come to life overnight, I couldn’t help but think about how blessed and fortunate I and all we GOY members are.
Being a work day today it was so quiet and peaceful back there except for the sound of chirping birds and baby birds being fed by their parents. I couldn’t think of any other place that I would rather be. There has been so much death and destruction in the world recently. A cyclone in Asia, Tornados in the Southern USA and a massive earthquake in China yesterday. So many lives lost and so much destruction in massive proportions. The immages of the destruction taken from above by helicopters of the tornado damage done in the South yesterday are still in my head. There is so much debris from homes and fallen trees that you don’t see any lawns. I’m sure that there were many people who had gardens like we all have. All that hard work is lost for many not to mention their homes and everything with in.

I saw a post today that Blodyn posted yesterday in Lindak’s blog.
Blodyn wrote… " There is so much to do at this time of the year. I find that if I just keep on I get so that I don’t know what to do next. Going for a little walk is a good idea ".

Do take the time to stop weeding, digging, fetilizing and planting everyone and take a little walk through your gardens. The old saying " Take the time to smell the roses " comes to mind. We are indeed so blessed and fortunate. The weeds will wait for you.

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Absolutely agree Mike! We can plan forever, but no one knows just what is around the corner. We have to find time every day to appreciate how sweet life is, and to tell those close to us how much we love them.
My backyard is my little 'oasis of sanity' in a hectic world and I make sure to spend time there as much as possible. It is amazing how we can get stressed out by little things that, in perspective, while quietly sipping coffee in an early morning garden & listening to the dawn chorus, just seem so unimportant.

13 May, 2008


Very well said Grammazoo. Enjoy your little oasis.

13 May, 2008


Two of our open day visitors said that they had been through a very stressful few months but that they had forgotten it all for two hours as they sat by our stream. It was really humbling to be able to offer such therapy.

13 May, 2008


When problems seem to be closing in on me just a little sit in the garden puts every thing in prespective.Nice blog Mike makes one greatful for all we have

13 May, 2008


I think we tend to take things forgranted. We don't take time to notice and more importantly to be grateful. I have been amazed at the number of people who have liked the view of the fields from my patio, and at their comments. I nearly didn't put that picture in. I thought it was "just out there - in the back", but I have realised it is a nice view and I should be thankful I can see, hear and smell it.
As you point out, Mikec, many of us are really blessed.

13 May, 2008


True in so many ways Mike.Lucky to live in a rural location often think of those commuting to work in big cities their stressful lives is a huge salary worth it?Will never be financially rich but my quality of life makes me feel lucky and Im grateful for it - so many ways to make life rich and the best ones are free!

13 May, 2008


This world can be such a cruel evil place as we all know & @ times even our own lifes hit hard/sad times,But people like ourselfs are so lucky 2 have a place we can escape 2,Me im just like any other person whos loves Gardening i like to go hide or Walk around my garden to Think/Cry its Heaven 2 be able to Listen& Smell the Better side of LIFE
Mikec :)

13 May, 2008


How true ur blog Mike and everyones comments are! I gave up my very stressful job which I loved but was really taking over my life to work on the farm everyone said I was mad and that I'd be back but I cant imagine going back to a life where I was consumed with work and never taking the time to appreciate what I have here at home! My thoughts and prayers are with the people around the world who are suffering!

13 May, 2008


Everybodies so right,as my mum(bless her) used to say life is not a reheasal,this is it. just the once.not twice, just the once

13 May, 2008


There is the reason that most of the world's religions start with the story of a garden... I can't imagine a world like, ironized...desolate and dessicated but that is what our world would be without chlorophyll. (so why have we invented herbicides? ) Yes we are blessed by nature, it sustains us and we have lost track of the fact that we are part of it...not master of it... Thanks for the thought provoking blog, Mike. we can thank plants for every breath we take!!!.

13 May, 2008


I agree wholeheartedly with everyone's comments. I always feel that our garden is a grren oasis of calm to come back to. It truly is a gift from God, rather like the Garden of Eden. There's nothing more relaxing than lying on the sunbed in the shade of the walnut tree on a hot day with a cool drink and a good book or magazine, with the sound of the birds etc, not to mention all the DIY going on around and the neighbours conversation. Oh well sometimes it is peaceful and perfect and sometimes not, but it's always good to be out there.

13 May, 2008


My garden is my solace in the stressful time we are going through at the moment. I can lose myself in it even if it's only an 'amble' round to see what is happening there.

13 May, 2008


An excellent blog Mikec,and reading the replies it is very reassuring to find that we all share that outlook on life.'The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies'-Gertrude Jekyll.

13 May, 2008


Gardening is my "aternative therapy"!

13 May, 2008


Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and comments. Mcmneil is absolutely right. It is VERY reassuring to find that we all share the same outlook on life which is what makes coming into this site as enjoyable as being in the garden. Happy gardening everyone. ENJOY !

14 May, 2008

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