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A Big ‘HI’ to Everyone,
Its been a long while since I posted back in August 2010 when I wrote my last blog “Fuchsia and tender perennial winter care” and there’s much to catch-up on including my private messages from you all which runs into 3 figures!! Meantime here’s a quick explanation and update…

My world was turned upside down when I received an email from the ‘woman of my dreams’. We had dated each other when I was in Israel working in the University of Beersheva campus at Sde Boker building an adobe mud house. Unfortunately we were seperated by her conscription and my subsequent return to the UK to study for a career. During those times there was no internet and no mobile phones. I remember asking her questions in lettters and not remembering the question when her answer eventually came back six weeks or more later! Remember those days anyone???@!!

Any way, at some point during our wait I suffered a house fire and lost her contact details, and her details of me were ‘lost’ because her family did not want a non-jewish son-in-law… By the time we found each other again she thought I was no longer interested and had said ‘yes’ to someone else. It hurt, but it was her choice, and I never questioned her, believing her mind was made up already. BIG MISTAKE!

For 30 years we went our seperate ways. Then within a month of each other we joined Facebook, neither knew it at the time. We were still looking for each other, I had even posted old photos in the hope she would recognise me since I did not know her married name.

My Israeli ‘girl’ found 300 instances of my name but she only sent one email. When it arrived requesting proof of my knowing her I was delighted to oblige…

Since that wonderfull moment we have dealt with bureaucracy, shipping, customs, estate agents, and still more bureaucracy until we have brought ourselves together and we are now living together in Nes Ziona, Israel (it’s SE of Tel Aviv).

Yes, I have sold the walled gardens, but I still have my hard-won gardening experience and I still have the website I have also changed its format into a gardening blog to make it much easier for visitors to the site to comment upon my articles.

So it feels good to be back and I shall be happy to update you all and will surely welcome your comments and reply MUCH FASTER this time!!! The nights are chilly here around 11C but during the day I can walk out in the garden in the sunshine and pick my own mandarin oranges. Last week I delighted everyone with my home-made lemon curd with our own lemons! The fruit were so large – like small cabbages that I had to add extra eggs and triple the cornflour to compensate for all the juice. But home-grown mangoes take the crown everyone believe me! The juice just pours out of your mouth…

My new home is on a street corner with the gardens roughly equal in size, although one is much higher than the other. The first photo shows the garden this afternoon (4pm), the second is Hanny, youngest son Lotem and his girlfriend Emily picking mandarin oranges and the third photo shows the lower garden with small mango tree behind the lamps!

P.S. I really miss custard powder!
OK. I will update with garden photos in next 24 hrs

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It's a bit like a traditional story but it's true, I'm really so pleased for you. Congratulations to you both, you deserve real happiness.

That lemon curd sounds wonderful!

19 Dec, 2011


Hi Muddy!!....what a bitter/sweet story. So pleased it has ended well for you both. Wish you much happiness.

19 Dec, 2011


Congratulations, what a wonderful ending. You are living in my favourite land, I have visited a number of times and met many great people. Looking forward to seeing pics of your Israeli garden.

19 Dec, 2011


Welcome back Mike :o)

I guessed you'd been busy ... but what an amazing story !

Missing custard powder ? What about Marmite ;o) ? Lol.

Wishing you lots of happiness. Good luck with gardening in a warmer climate ... xxx

19 Dec, 2011


I love a happy ending, so glad it has worked out for you at long last.

19 Dec, 2011


Am so pleased for you, what a story, some journey you have had. Glad it has worked out it was meant to be. cant wait to see pics of your garden.

19 Dec, 2011


How lovely, it was obviously meant to be. Savour every minute. I wish you both all happiness, and a healthy new year.

19 Dec, 2011


Garden photos just uploaded!

19 Dec, 2011


And lovely pics they are..I read your blog earlier,and they weren't on then..A truly lovely happy ending for you both,and I wish you many happy years together..:o)

19 Dec, 2011


What a lovely story! I have news for you, Muddy - 11° is not chilly!
Strange, isn't it - among all our English friends out here, whoever goes back to the UK has a standing order to bring back custard powder for everyone else! Have you time and patience to post a lemon curd recipe, please? Our neighbour's family grows lemons in Calabria, and she gives me bags full of them (nowhere near as big as yours!).
Congratulations to you both, and every happiness in the New Year.

19 Dec, 2011


your garden looks wonderfully productive, i imagine you can grow almost anything you like!!??

19 Dec, 2011


Ohhh, sniff, where are my tissues...what a lovely story, coming up to Christmas as well...and your garden is marvellous! All round, feel good blog! Lovely!

20 Dec, 2011


I have just caught up with you, having seen your garden in the "cottage gardens" group. Sorry we wont be seeing more of that but I look forward to more messages over time. Congrats on the lovely story - I hope you will always be happy.

1 Jul, 2012


Sorry I missed this when you posted it. I'm so pleased to hear that all is well with you - more than well!

I'll echo R'smum - Congratulations. What a very different life you're leading now. :-))

29 Aug, 2012


Wow, I`m a sucker for a happy ending, I also have only just found this M`wellies, congratulations to you and I wish you every happiness in both your life and new garden, off now to check out your pics...

29 Aug, 2012


Congratulations on your new life and may you have many happy years together!

7 Jan, 2015

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