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“I played golf with a 12 year old kid on Saturday and he’s not here any more”.

I’d just come through the door this afternoon when I heard an Australian gentleman say this on tv. At the time I was fed up, soaked through and bitterly cold but ‘all my problems’ instantly evaporated when put in to perspective against a real tragedy. I can’t begin to imagine the terror of people forced to ‘run for their lives’. I am stunned.

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Muddywellies my friend lives at Morwell where this is happening , I rang her this morning and she answered which was a huge relief , she said they are ready to leave at a moments notice , they have trees growing all round them ..the only water they have is in big holding tanks ..
She is a midwife so has brought a lot of the babies into this world .
You are right it does put things into perspective .....

9 Feb, 2009


~Even worse to think it might have been due to arson~how would you feel?You can understand lynch mob and public hanging mentality if everyone has lost a relative!
Unbelievable~why would you do such a thing!????

9 Feb, 2009


Well I say bring it back Arlene , things have gone to far now , there nothing to stop people doing exactly whatever they want now and get away with it !!!

9 Feb, 2009


My brother in law lives near the area and they are all packing up in case of evacuation. It is a terrible catastrophe! : (
I had not heard they suspected arson. How despicable!

9 Feb, 2009


It must be frightening. I don't like it when they set these hills alight in the dry weather. How much worse when it gets out of controll and claims lives.

9 Feb, 2009


Apparently the Australian PM was nearly in tears talking about this~he has said anyone involved faces 25 years in jail~won't bring anyone back though will it!
This is from the Times

Firefighters say some of the blazes may have been deliberately lit – or relit after being extinguished, a possibility addressed by Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister.

"What do you say about anyone like that? There are no words to describe it other than mass murder,” Mr Rudd said, fighting back tears in a television interview. β€œThis is of a level of horror that few of us anticipated.”

Up to 5,000 people left homeless by the fires have flooded into 20 Red Cross relief centres set up around the state to provide food and shelter for those left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

9 Feb, 2009


The news from Australia has been devastating.
You're right. News like that puts everything in perspective and small problems don't matter any more.

Given the blog a 'like' as a gesture of support for the Australians trying to cope with this awful tragedy.

9 Feb, 2009


I heard that comment on the news MW, and it tore at my heart. It seems they think the death toll will rise a lot further - people caught in their homes and cars. The fires seem to change direction in the blink of an eye.

9 Feb, 2009


My husbands 2 brothers live in Adelaide its been in the 40's there and although not that near to the fires its still a worry, how awful if its arson what is the matter with people!! Burnt out car found with 4 bodies inside it you just cannot imagine it can you, my heart goes out to them.

9 Feb, 2009


Yes - I agree with you - it is horrifying. I just can't imagine how people could do such a thing to their fellow countrymen.

I send deep sympathy and love to our members in Australia.XX I hope that none of you have been personally affected by the fires.

9 Feb, 2009


Isn't it terrible? I can't comprehend anyone doing something like this. They have the same problem down in California when they have bush fires. It always seems to be someone who deliberately starts them!!
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the fire areas of Australia.

11 Feb, 2009

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