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By NancyM


Hello Folks;

I had some surgery the end of Feb and am glad to be back home. I will be recooping over the next 12 weeks and will have to find ways to involve my 17 year old daughter in the joys of gardening lol . I couldn’t wait to see how your gardens had progressed during my weeks stay in hospital. As I will be confined to online gardening for the next little while, this site has been a great find. Thanks for sharing your gardens!

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Hi NancyM
Welcome back&hope ul be well again soon :)See what iv been up 2 in my garden :)

6 Mar, 2008


Hallo - hope you will soon be working in your garden again and not just supervising!

6 Mar, 2008


Welcome back home. Wishing you a speeedy recovery :)

6 Mar, 2008


Your garden should aid your recovery! I love Spring and think it may be my favourite season, so much colour and new growth, really cheers you up!

6 Mar, 2008


Recover well and quickly Nancy. Just think after 12 weeks you'll be enjoying all the Spring colour and looking into summer planting. Take care

7 Mar, 2008


Hi Nancym, may I add my best wishes for a complete recovery.
Maybe you will be able to sow some seeds in seed-trays and prick them out supported by your daughter ..... in fact this could be a very positive time and result in another gardener in the family !
Keep your chin up and take care

7 Mar, 2008


Sooo sorry you've been in hospital. Make sure you take it easy now. It's very tempting to start doing things, especially in Spring when there's so much to do. Hope you make the speediest possible recovery and surprise everyone by how well you are doing.
We will keep working and posting the pics and you can sit back and watch!!!

7 Mar, 2008

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