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Senseless acts


By NancyM


My next door neighbour has a real way with plants and she has made the property one of the nicest gardens around. She puts her heart and soul into everything she grows and everyone who passes by compliments her work. One morning last week she woke to find that someone had cut the blooms off all her tulips. We live in a residential area of a small city, so deer were not the culprits here. Two days later her new rod iron trellises, a birthday gift from her partner, and a glass hummingbird feeder were missing. The trellis were found bent and tossed in another yard up the street and the feeder was smashed on the sidewalk.

Earlier this year, on separate occasions, both our houses were ‘egged’ and last year they were hit with paintballs.

We are so disheartened by these senseless acts and cannot understand why anyone would stoop to do such things. It is too bad when one must check you property each morning to see whether more damage has taken place during the night.It is likely a couple of individuals responsible for this but they clearly do not have an idea of how much dispair this causes.
I hope no one else is experiencing similar situations.

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This so very sad to read esp when making such an effort to improve the community for all. Perhaps this what the vandals really objecting to as prefer areas to be neglected and show signs of lack of interest so that they may pursue their often illegal activities with little interference.
These issues have been successfully tackled by use of CCTV and majority resident support so that you not tackling this alone.This of course assumes a lot but would try and approach local agencies re your community as tackling alone will see things escalate as these cowards hunt in packs .

1 Jun, 2008


Seems like this happens all over Nancy it is so disheartning when you put some much time and love into your garden and then some mindless idiot comes along and spoils it I think Bonkers is right that they object to somewhere nice We are having a similar problem here with mostly children jumping in peoples hedges and destroying them It makes the place look so unkempt Most people are now removing their hedges and replacing them with fencing.Losing habitat for the little birds Losers all round because of a few

1 Jun, 2008


What a shame to read this, i really don't understand some people these days. Maybe Bonkersbon is right, CCTV and support from others.
Hope you get it sorted so that you can enjoy your garden in peace!

1 Jun, 2008


I hate this sort of thing with a passion. Senseless, ignorant & often jealous individuals with no regard for anything or anyone. I know what I would like to do to these lawless cretins!! I was brought up to not throw so much as a sweet wrapper on the floor (my mum's pockets were full by the time we got home) & it has stuck with me; respect other people's property like you would your own. Therein lies the problem, these people don't even respect their own. Apart from stringing them up by the proverbials, I would be tempted to buy a cheap camera; if not a deterrent, at least you may put a face to the mindless idiots. Best of luck.

1 Jun, 2008


So sorry to hear of these mindless acts of vandalism.Dont let them win. As a community stand up and show that you care for a better quality of life. Gardens feed the imagination and soul and raise the spirits-so keep up all your good work and positive efforts.I totally support and agree with 'Bonkers' comments-there is great strength in standing up together as a community.Have you considered having a get together to discuss the problem as a community and hopefully finding a way of resolving the issues? Perhaps the message will soon spread around that you will not tolerate this anti-social behaviour.
With kindest regards and best wishes,
Grenville and Alan.

1 Jun, 2008


I'm very sorry to hear about this Nancy. I hope that this will stop as soon as possible. Have you thought about motion detector lights ? Who ever it is would definitly keep walking when the lights turned on. Best of luck with this.

2 Jun, 2008


hi Nancy, im sorry to hear about this happening to you and your neighbour.. think mike's idea is a good one, motion detector lights. the people who do this are cowards and wont wont to be seen.. hope it stops soon though. all our best wishes are with you. xx

2 Jun, 2008


These type of people are clearly thick and shallow individuals, who don't quite get the concept of what you sow, you then reap.

2 Jun, 2008


Yes, a communal approach may work - form a Neighbourhood Watch committee. We have groups here, who liase with residents and the police. I think it works. Hope you find a way, also that these thugs get caught - soon. Best Wishes.

4 Jun, 2008


I'm so sorry Nancy that the mindless yobs of today have nothing better to do with there time give them all year's in the army that might give them something Elsi to do
good luck

7 Jun, 2008


It's either going to be brain-dead vandals or another neighbour with a grudge. In which case they are morons anyway. Don't let it stop any of you gardening - but plant something thorny so that next time they try to damage something, it bites back.

21 Oct, 2008

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