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The garden in May 2012


Thought you might like a walk round the garden as it was at the beginning of this month.

Exochorda x macrantha The Bride

Tulip Little Princess

Paeonia lutea

Erodium chrysantha pink form

Phlox subulata Kimono

Oxalis Ute

Raffenaldia primuloides

Pulsatilla albana

Magnolia Susan

Phlox subulata form

Potentilla alba

Dianthus freynii

Saxifraga pubescens

Crucifer unknown

Iris Buttercup

Camassia cuisickii

Lonicera tatarica Arnold’s Red

Erodium hybrid

Aethionema Warley Rose

Iberis sempervirens

Staphylea colchica

Clematis Purple Spider

Meconopsis cambrica

Geum Flames of Passion

Geum Flames of Passion

Geum Eos

Kerria japonica flore-plena

Viburnum x juddii

Paeonia suffruticosa form

Sorbus aria

Geum x borissii

Camassia leichtlinii

Smilacina racemosa

Iris Green Spot

Centaurea montana alba

















Fern croziers

Ranunculus parnassifolius

Phlox Clouds of Perfume

Delosperma congestum

Leptinella dendyi


Meconopsis_cambrica_orange form

Myrrhis odorata, Sweet Cicily

Back at the front gate now.

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Thanks for the tour. A delightful garden. I especially like all the areas with rocks and gravel. :o)
What is the plant, please, in the penultimate photo ?

7 May, 2012


Lucky you, having such a large garden - not to mention sunshine...
I want to know what that plant is too - wish you'd put names to the photographs. Is that a Saponaria in flower higher up in the list of pics?

7 May, 2012


I seem to recall seeing this garden elsewhere in cyber space ;o)) but as then ....I still think it is a lovely garden and the cottage looks lovely too.

Thanks for the tour!....Tg

7 May, 2012


What you trying to do to us Owdboggy, my wishlist has just doubled!!!!!. You have a huge garden and I love it, so many diiferent areas to admire, I know it takes a lot to keep a garden that size looking good but I`d be in seventh heaven working there.
Thankyou for the tour, I really enjoyed it....

7 May, 2012


Beautiful Garden.

7 May, 2012


When I have finished the tour I will go through and label everything, don't fret.
That is a Geum Eos by the way.

7 May, 2012


Thank you :o)

7 May, 2012


My admiration (and envy) knows no bounds, OB. Fabulous!

7 May, 2012


All looks fab Owd!

7 May, 2012


I always enjoy a walk around your garden.

7 May, 2012


Hooray, the names are in place! I can't believe how much you had out at the beginning of the month - everything which had been burgeoning rapidly in March came to a full stop here by mid April, even the wisteria's not flowered yet. Shock of the sudden cold after 'summer' in March I suppose. Lovely to see sunlight and so many flowers... and dry grass, lol!

7 May, 2012


I really do enjoy looking around your garden Owdboggy -envy just doesn't begin to describe it. Lovely too see all your pretty plants. Thank you!

Dry grass Bamboo! - I don't think I've cut my grass so many times in the first quarter of the year ever - it's usually too wet to cut for the most of April - yet I had to cut it 4 times last month!!

7 May, 2012


Sounds like you need to lower the blades, Scottish, lol!

8 May, 2012


What a beautiful garden!

12 Jun, 2012

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