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Middle of May meandering!


Since I am not going to be able to garden for the next 4 to 6 weeks I thought I ought to take some photos of what it looked like in the middle of this month.

The front garden after scarifying and overseeding.

Through the side gate.

Over the field gate.

Over the field gate

Through the Kitchen window


Magnolia Susan

Armeria maritima

Arenaria montana Snowcap

White Lilac

Aethionema saxatile

Syringa meyeri Palibin

River bed

Clump of Alyssum spinosum.


Anthyllis montana rubra

Iris sibirica

Shrubby Lonicera tatarica Hacks’ Red

Entrance to the Hidden Garden.


Centaurea montana form

Path behind the ‘D’ bed

Double Peony

?Styiriaca colchica

Entry to the Yellow Border

Entry to the Vista

Across the Sedum Scree to the Lollipop lawn

Down the Vista

Hostas bed

Bridge, Alpine lawn and Boulder bank

Side of the Wild life pond.

Polygonum superbum

Weigela alba

The Wild life pond

Bottom lawn to the Summer House

Entry to the Damson wood

Slate bed settling before planting up

The Pergola

Daphne Alpina

Bill on the Swing seat

Down the Vista

Geum in the Water meter bed

Iris bearded type

Iris bearded type

Iris bearded type

Iris bearded type

Yellow Lilac

Path off the Pergola

Flower bed from the path

More path

Papaver hybrid Fire Works

Through the Arches

The Gazebo in the Grasses




Tree peony


Tree Peony


Clematis montana


Path between the New Forest Bed and the Prairie.

Libertia grandiflora

Kniphofia northiae

Gravel garden and Rockery

Dwarf Berberis

White Mossy Saxifrage

My Greenhouse

Crevice Garden

Raised bed with alpines under the Damson tree

Small Rock garden

Weigela variegated form

Silver Saxifrage

Silver Saxifrage

Silver Saxifrage

Clematis Niobe

Rose Joseph’s Coat


Allium karataviense

Camassia leichtlinii alba




Saxifrage Mossy pink

Achillea ?taygetea

Armeria pseudoarmeria

Armeria pseudoarmeria pink form

No idea

Armeria maritima alba

Roscoea Early Purple

Veronica Ulter Blue

Erysimum alpine Orange form

Silver Saxifrage

Veronica ?spicata alba

Silver Saxifrage

Globularia repens

Geum trifolium

Silver Saxifrage red flowered form

Achillea ?

Roscoea cautleoides Kew Form

Roscoea scilloides pink form

Erinus alpina Dr. Hanele


Iris sibirica Silver Edge

Iris sibirica Silver Edge dark form



Thermiopsis montana

Weigela versicolor

Euonymus europaeus

Clematis montana wilsoni

Geum hybris

Sorbus shrubby form

No idea, but not a broom or Cytisus

Geum hybrid

Geum hybrid


Iris sibirica

Not a clue.

No idea, but a small tree


Iris sibirica Lilac form

Helianthemum whote form

Papaver x hybrid

Allium karatviense Ivory Queen


Valeriana phu aurea

Iris Pacific Coast hyvrid

Red Robin flower

Bearded Iris

Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)

Viola cornuta minor alba

Saponaria ocymoides

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Wow once again! I hope it all behaves itself while you are away from it. One of those white and blue Centaureas has just come to live in our garden but hasn't been planted yet.

I fancy the idea of a damson wood...and that shrubby honeysuckle is new to me as well. Hope you will be back in action as planned.

16 May, 2017


Oh now I am pleased I have managed to sort my Goy out, I might have missed a meander around my favourite garden, Ob you have made my day, I've always enjoyed the tour around what I always refer to as your estate, you never disappoint me, the photo's are a joy to see, next best thing to actually being there, I like the new slate bed and will be looking forwards to seeing it progress as you plant it up, thankyou Ob for another peep, the photo's are lovely.....

16 May, 2017


Your garden must take hours and hours of work to keep it looking so good, same amount of time to show us all those beautiful photos. By the time I got to the end, I had forgotten what was first, senior moments. I can always look again and again.

16 May, 2017


Wonderful. How will your amazing garden manage without you?!

16 May, 2017


The shrubby Honeysuckle is Lonicera Hack's Red.

16 May, 2017


So many beauties you have your garden looks wonderful per usual Bill bought a smile to my face a neighbours cat sits on my bench so I call it bench cat its real name is Molly love your pergola area and vista beautiful what do you grow on the pergola your green house is a dream your garden is a credit to you.

16 May, 2017


The Pergola has a mixture of Jasmines and Viticella clematis growing over it.

17 May, 2017


I`ve just enjoyed taking a stroll round your wonderful garden, thank you.

17 May, 2017


You have a truely stunning garden and it brings such pleasure taking a meander around. I have 4 damson trees here that I've got high hopes for this year, 2 years ago, previous owner hacked but so last year they didn't even get blossom on but this year they were covers :-)

17 May, 2017


Thank you Owdboggy I bet it smells lovely when the Jasmine is out pretty mixture.

17 May, 2017


What a wonderful garden, something to aspire to. I did manage to weed out the thistles the other day and some nettles. I bet they haven't the nerve to show their heads in your garden. All the plans are stunning and I discovered the name of one I have (the Libertia Grandiflora) which I didn't know the name of. I can't believe that you have so many out yet, my Polygonum is nowhere near in that much growth yet. Keep up the good work and thank you for posting so many wonderful pictures.

17 May, 2017


The weeds are there, they just do not show up in the photographs.

18 May, 2017


what a lovely blog.
Your garden is stunning and as already said so well stocked. Such interesting planting.

18 May, 2017


What a great garden and what a lot of work you have done to make it so good- loved the walk around it. Thank you I might pinch a couple of your ideas if you don't mind? Really inspirational!

19 May, 2017

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