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Even more round the back


Along the fence between us and the neighbours are some huge Conifers. They may give some protection from being overlooked, but they were in very poor condition. They also make growing anything on that side of the garden very difficult. They are also infested with Bindweed.
In 60 years of gardening I have never seen as much Bindweed in a small area as there was from the wall up to the top of the garden.
Hidden away behind the Conifers was a rather nice Mahonia and another unwanted Holly tree.

As you can see the trees were not even close to the fence.

We cleared out the undergrowth and cut the lower branches away.

More rubbish for the Shredder.

While we were clearing away the neighbour from above looked over the fence and asked if we intended taking the trees out altogether. She then offered to come and cut them down for us in return for the logs. We were happy to accept the offer as her chainsaw is far better than mine.

The Mahonia I dug out and potted up to be replanted later.

The stump in the middle we managed to dig out with great difficulty.

This work went on over a few weeks as it was very tiring.

A few more days work

This work took almost the whole of the first year.

Side branches removed and ready for the chain saw.

Logs for the neighbour.

Digging out this stump took over a week.

It was impossible to remove these stumps so we left them in situ.

A year on and this is how it looked.

This was a long process and we did do other things in the garden and the Bungalow at the same time. As the soil was left empty it gave us the chance to remove all the Bindweed roots as they showed. We have been fairly successful in cleaning the soil as there have been only a few appearances since.

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My goodness; what an improvement! So much more light and space. I'm exhausted just reading this!!

30 Sep, 2020


Wait until you see the Bog about removing the Leylandii Hedges.
While we were doing this we did a lot of work on the interior of the Bungalow. Rewired, upgraded the Central Heating, insulated the roof space, removed a huge and extremely ugly fire surround that covered the whole of one wall, redecorated every room and recarpeted most of them.
One room had Woodchip wall paper on it, we had to scrape it off with Stanley knife blades in special holders, back to the bare plaster before we could re-paper. It took hours of painful work.

30 Sep, 2020


Gosh you have been busy, a lifetime's work done in such a short space of time. I congratulate you both on your achievement. That last pic is great.

30 Sep, 2020


I'm in awe! Your energy levels are amazing. You must be very proud of your achievements. I don't envy you the woodchip - a complete nightmare. What were we all thinking 20-odd years ago??

30 Sep, 2020


wow what a difference the removal of those trees make. all that light. Glad the neighbour could help so many of us have bad neighbours. I like the planting you have done too. [if you fancy another bungalow to work on I can put you up ;p] oh the dreaded woodchip, we had it here. we used Stanley knives to score the paper then sprayed with dishwasher rinse aid in warm water. that helped to get the water into the under paper.

30 Sep, 2020


Gosh what a sense of achievement you must have.You seem to have boundless energy.Well done,what a difference

1 Oct, 2020


Oh my goodness Ob that is mindblowing, I have three to remove, we'll never manage to get the roots out, I just know it.....I'm impressed, you've been working so hard, it doesn't even look like the same garden at all, with all the work inside as well I hope you are taking time out now to admire what you have achieved, I'm really enjoying following your blogs Ob, thankyou for sharing...

2 Oct, 2020

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